Cheap fashion thrills for Fall, 2009

September is back-to-school time for my kids, but now that the weather has really changed, it's back to school time for me. Unfortunately, I don't really need new clothes. After all, unlike my kids, I haven't grown a couple of inches since last fall. But I badly need to pep up my wardrobe. I went on the hunt for some new, not-too-expensive, very 2009 accessories. The following fit the bill because they combine two or more current trends, and they're inexpensive--a lot of fashion bang for the buck....more

I actually think it's a fairly reasonable price. They will look GREAT with bootcut ...more

What to do when your favorite cosmetic is discontinued

IT is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever you find the perfect shade of lipstick, the company discontinues it. Unfortunately, this is also true of foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadows, skin care, fragrances, and hair products. Here are ten things you can do to heal your broken heart:...more

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Do color-depositing shampoos and conditioners work?

Color me obsessed, but once again, I'm blogging about my salon-colored, highlighted, low-lighted, glazed hair. I love my colorist, but my hair costs me so much money, it's like I've become a vintage Jaguar; I'm ridiculously expensive, and I'm always in the shop. The most obvious problem is roots, which I've dealt with in my previous post. But there's also the issue of color fading. After all, I'm using permanent color. Why isn't it ... well, permanent? ...more
sddonlon Go back the salon and get it fixed. They did not give you the color you asked for.more

Victoria's Secret--how buying makeup can make you look sexy

It's a well-known fact that Victoria's Secret has the cutest small shopping bags ever. They're two delicious shades of pink, and they're just big enough for a garter belt or maybe a thong. But I'm not the customer VS has in mind. Me? In a Wonderbra? Me? In a thong? I haven't really seen the point of walking into a VS store. Until now. Christian Sariano, winner of Season 4 of Project Runway teamed up with Heidi Klum to produce a limited-edition makeup collection for Victoria's Secret. It looked lovely and was generating a lot of excitement--enough to get me into the store. ...more

Ladies, ladies, PLEASE be careful about which products you fall in love with at VS. I once ...more

Back-to-school shopping: the tween- and teen-aged years

When your kids are in pre-school and the early elementary years, you can feel pretty confident that they'll like and wear what you buy for them. After all, you're Mommy. You can do no wrong. But once your kids reach the tween- and teen-aged years, back-to-school shopping is a whole new experience. Now you're Mom, not Mommy. And you can't do anything right. ...more

I JUST wrote a blog similar to this toady. Although, you were much nicer about it...more helpful ...more

Outlet shopping for makeup? Yes!

It happens every year. I start checking out the Nordstrom website to see what goodies are being offered for the Anniversary Sale. And I get sucked into the cosmetics department. This time, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this Bobbi Brown set. The lip palette, the eyeshadow duo, the gel eyeliner! What does it matter that I don't need more lip gloss and hardly ever wear eyeshadow or eyeliner? WANT. ...more

I always check out the Costmetics Co store too, and you're right--you can get some great deals ...more

Aspirin and baking soda--to cure your complexion's hangover

BlogHer is coming up in a couple of weeks, which means the time has arrived to talk about hangovers and how to cure them. I'm not talking about the boring old-fashioned kind of hangover you get from drinking too much. I'm talking about the hangover your face gets from overindulging in makeup and sunscreen and under-indulging in skin care. Luckily enough, the answer to both problems is aspirin and baking soda. The Baking Soda Exfoliator ...more

Excellent advice! :-)more

What everyone needs: an oldie but goodie

And no, I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about five beauty products people seem to have forgotten about. Your mother and grandmother used them. They're still in stores, but they tend to get stashed on the bottom shelf because they're not the hot, trendy products. Well, I'm here to tell you they're worth a second look. They're not sexy, but they're cheap and effective. ...more

 he mere mention of rouge makes me think of my mother...happy thought there.  I agree I don't ...more

Tan I am

One of the things I dislike about the beginning of summer is exposing yards and yards of my white skin to the world. Summer clothes just seem designed to look better when you have a tan. And I don't get tan. My skin is so pale and transparent, I look like an illustration in Gray's Anatomy. Most of the time this doesn't bother me. It's who I am. I'm not going to hit the tanning beds. I'm not going to head to a Mystic Tan salon and strip down to my undies to get air-brushed by complete strangers. But I wouldn't mind picking up a little color. ...more

I gave up on self tanners a couple of years ago, after a few disastrous tries. Maybe it's ...more

The root of the problem

If you've bought drug store hair color lately, you've probably seen the latest addition to Clairol's hair color family: Nice 'n' Easy Root Touch-up. (Can I say "hair color family" without sounding like I drank the hair dye? OK, then!) ...more

If you want to get rid of gray roots yourself, I would recommend more