Lets Talk About Weiner

Carlos Danger IS Anthony Weiner. Yea, his yahoo account that he sent lewd pics from is Carlos Danger...Now to get the disclaimer out-of-the-way. I am not against Dick Pics inherently. It is not illegal, if you are of age, to send naked pictures of yourself. I don't find it immoral either. What I am against is them sent without asking for them. I am also against leaking pictures that were not meant for the public, pictures that are sent privately and trusted with the person they are sent to....more

My Son Is Not Trayvon -

First off please check out these blog posts: http://www.blogher.com/how-can-i-protect-my-son-becoming-another-trayvon-martinhttp://thedalaimama.net/?p=3451a list of some really good ones can be found here>http://stephherold.tumblr.com/post/56478215239/justice-for-trayvon...more

My Green Wedding Shoes

 When PB and I started to plan our wedding the colours were Green and Purple. Like Joker colours haha.  About the time we found out I was pregnant we were moving the wedding from our current location to Ireland. To avoid stress on me and the baby PB took over the wedding planning role. He did a wonderful job and it turned out to be a fantastic day. Here are some pictures of his planning choices. ...more

Being the Best Mom YOU Can Be

BlogHer has recently featured a post called "I'm a PWM (Proud Working Mom)!" by Synnove Robinson (congrats on the feature BTW :) and one of the last lines inspired a comment that inspired this blog post. Her post is something that as mom bloggers we have definitely seen before. People nitpicking on other people's parenting choices. What is the biggest topic in the mommy war? Whether or not you are a Stay At Home Mom, Work At Home Mom, or a Working Mom....more
I agree. Don't be the mother that you are not.... excellent advice.   Now how do we help women ...more

Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, or Just a Lack of Sleep?

When Alexander was 3-4 months old, I went through a period of feeling AMAZING. I was working out everyday. I was drinking water like a champ. I had energy. I was laughing when the pets did something silly. Kiddo wasn’t sleeping through the night, but I still felt like I was getting a good rest. I was incredibly happy with my life, and my place in it. I am not sure exactly when it changed (or if anything triggered it), but within a week I went from a million dollars to bankruptcy. ...more
If you have the time - visit www.postpartumprogress.com. Its a great site about PPD vs baby ...more

Have A Heart? Give A Heart for $1.40.

This Valentine's Day there is a story about a brave little boy and his broken heart. No, he wasn't in a relationship that ended. His actual beating heart is broken....more

Writing My Hubby A Story

First off let me tell you something complete unrelated to this blog post and is most likely too much information. My boobs feel huge. They don’t look huge, but they FEEL huge, and heavy.. So my son might wake up soon is what I am thinkin’Anyway..About that novel I am using a tool called yWriter5. It helps me keep track of scenes, characters, objects of importance etc. Other wise my story would be all over the place....more

First Year of Blogging is Almost Over!

I would first like to say that a milestone of 2012 is that I did my very first GUEST POST!!! However, it doesn't qualify as a favourite post for 2012 because it won't be posted until 2013. It's for this blog: Check it out now, and in the new year for my post! http://sunnydaysarelove.blogspot.ca/...more

Merry...err Happy Holidays! (a little late)

I would NEVER be offended that someone told me to have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or a Blessed Winter Solstice. I am however ridiculously offended when people have a problem with me saying Happy Holidays, or when they see Happy Holidays in public spaces.There is even a Facebook page eloquently called "Its Merry Christmas not happy holidays bitch".I've heard it a million times "Why do we have to be politically correct?", "This is a WAR on Christmas!", "ME ME ME ME ME", "but Kwanzaa is just made up" etc...more

Getting a Puppy for Christmas?

DON'T DO IT. Look away from the kitty too!...more