The State of the Union: Our Real Social Wealth

Today's State of the Union address offers President Obama the opportunity to talk with Americans about what our nation really needs. As we shift from a manufacturing to a knowledge and service economy, what we urgently need for both individual and national economic success is what economists call high-quality human capital. This requires investing in our most important American asset: our people. In economic terms, this translates into reversing the downward trend of U.S. international competitiveness. In human terms, it translates into ending enormous suffering....more
I appreciate your comments very much. It isn’t about better policy—it is about what we value as ... more

Support the Fight Against Violence Toward Women September 28

Ending violence against women is both a challenge and an opportunity. You have probably heard that in some countries gender-based violence impacts as many as 70 percent of women. And the U.N. statistic that “one out of three women throughout the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime,” is cited frequently. But how familiar are you with I-VAWA – a critical piece of U.S. legislation that prioritizes both the prevention of and the response to the worst cases of violence against women worldwide? ...more

Betty Makoni and the Girl Child Network provide an incredible service to these girls. Watching ... more

Similac Infant Formula Recall Due to Potential Beetle Contamination

Certain Similac-brand baby formulas are currently part of a voluntary recall in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and parts of the Caribbean after quality testing showed a potential presence of a small common beetle. The FDA has decided that the formula does not pose an immediate health risk but there is a potential for infants that consume the product to experience some gastrointestinal discomfort. ...more

My son consumed an entire container of the recalled product and at least half of a second ... more

Restavek and Child Slavery: Haiti's Other Earthquake

Editor's note: To find out how you can help survivors of Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Haiti, see here. Haiti holds a romantic and tragic place in the historical imagination -- a nation birthed by a successful slave rebellion, it was the first to abolish slavery in the Western hemisphere and briefly served as a beacon of hope for American abolitionists. However, it never realized its promise, for reasons that scholars and analysts can debate ad infinitum. ...more

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@RNC: Gustav spares NOLA, GOP kicks off with Bush, Lieberman speeches while BlogHers debate Palin

Now that Hurricane Gustav has spared New Orleans the Category 5 thrashing many feared, the GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul is moving beyond Monday's stripped-down program to a real kick-off Tuesday night. ...more

I just wanted to clarify in this post that Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat. During his ... more