Leaving Room for Maybe

When Yoga and Life Collide

photo credit redbubble.net Six months ago my life changed.One week I was in a relationship and working. Then I wasn't. ...more

Inspired Recipes - Spinach Mushroom Soup

 Wednesdays at a&o are soup days!!!Welcome to a new series!!! Getting over hump day can be rough. There's nothing like a cup of soup to set the world right. There are so many great things about soup:It can be an entire mealIt can be rich and creamyIt can be slim and leanIt freezes well  ...more

Happy 40th Birthday to 'Free to be You and Me'

1. Boys are allowed to cry.2. Girls can be whatever they want.3. Puppets are funny. These are the most important lessons I've learned and I learned them all from one movie....more

Tomatillo and Red Onion Pizza

 Happy Meatless Monday!!! Here's a dinner menu idea from a&o!!! Struggling for a dinner idea? We suggest whole wheat pizza with some unique toppings! Our pizza has tomatillos, red onion, pesto, asiago and mozzarella! ...more

White Pumpkin and Green Apple Soup

Welcome to Soupilicious Wednesdays at a&o. I love soup. I know. I've said this. So I'll just get down to the get down. White pumpkin soup. I howled after having a spoonful. Woo baby. The beauty of this soup is in the simple flavors. White pumpkin tastes like a cross between regular pumpkin and butternut squash. Proper blending is the key to combining the flavors....more