Afraid to Be a Vegetarian?

[Editor's Note: Oneika has changed her diet a lot, eating more veggies than ever and she feels great but she's afraid to give up meat completely. Check out her reasons and tell her whether you think she should take the plunge! - Denise]...more
@HomeRearedChef Thanks Virginia! I think that a life lived in moderation is a great place to ... more

Beneath a Cloudless Sky: Believing in Change

Shortly after we moved into our house in 1996, Luisa and I hung a rainbow flag off the front of our house.  It felt like staking a claim - we were creating a home together - and every day I'd come home from work and smile as I saw that flag fluttering in the wind. And then one day, we came home to find that the flag had been burned. ...more
Don't give up. We'll be celebrating the right side of history soon. Always darkest before it's ... more

Five Ideas with Rice & Beans for World Vegetarian Day

Every week I tempt you with a tasty-looking vegetarian dish for Meatless Monday, but when I realized that this week Monday was also World Vegetarian Day, I wanted to do something more. I started thinking about what foods represent vegetarian cooking and the answer was obvious, all over the world vegetarians eat various forms of rice and beans. So to properly celebrate World Vegetarian Day, here are five Meatless Monday recipe ideas featuring rice and beans. I bet at least one of them will be a hit at your house! ...more
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie!!! Happy Meatless ... more

On No! You're Over 40 and Single! Now what?!?

First: Don't Panic Second: You're Not Alone.... Believe it or not, being over 40 and single isn't such a rare thing anymore. According to a recent survey conducted by AARP Services and Focalyist, only one in four over 40 folks is married w/children...Which leaves a goodly portion of us--about 1/3 according to the survey--as single (and probably w/out children.) ...more
I just found this post right when I needed it! I laughed (and cried a little, lol) out loud when ... more

He's Taking My Mama Heart With Him to College

Is this really happening? I found myself standing in my son’s room today. Not in a creepy watching-him-as-he’s-sleeping kind of way. Just standing there, looking around at all of his posters tacked to the walls. I see the "Captain" stripes on his letter jacket gently strewn across the chair. Prom pictures of him and his girlfriend are stapled to the wall by his bed. But something is different: He is leaving for college....more
I don't even have kids and I cried. I love this post!!  more