Oneika Mays


What you’ll find at a&o are topics that inspire us and, we think, many other women.  You'll find thoughtful conversation and creative inspiration for the yogi/interior designer/chef/traveler/athlete/ fill-in-the-blank that lies inside all of us.  We are passionate about what inspires us and want to share those discoveries with you. You can find ideas bout eating healthier or eco-friendly ways to decorate your home. Or you might find an inspirational story about how a woman changed her life.

About Ashley 

I have a passion for spaces – the built environment where people live, work and play.  I love everything about buildings (architecture and how they are built, as investments and how they are bought, sold and rented). They reside within a larger community and so I also think it's critical to contemplate how we can address problems in communities to improve the quality of life for it's residents. During the day I deal with the business side of real estate, but through a&o I focus on the creative and personal side of making our living spaces beautiful, functional and healthy. 

Ashley's InspirationI am inspired by how people live across the globe.  I love to understand how people of all walks of life live whether it be in a small village or a large city and find inspiration from things like café culture in Paris to creative use of space in small New York City apartment. What I love most about a&o is that the website is not just a reflection of our passions but also the inspiration from our readers and contributors. 

 About Oneika 
Sharing is a big part of my personality. In the 20 years I spent in retail leadership. I shared experiences, successes and failures with my teams. My philosophy was that teams can achieve anything when there's a common vision or purpose. This was especially important when turning around a business that was broken or in need of substantial change. Having a career that focused around books, telecommunications and fitness let me connect with people about ideas, communication and health. Fortunately, I was always able to work with companies that matched my personal passions. I grew up reading, moving and talking, a lot. I think that what Ashley and I do at a&o is the culmination of a lifetime of passions. 
Oneika's Inspiration  
I stay inspired by constantly finding new ways to grow. Getting certified in yoga was as much for me as it was for a&o. I'm committed to making sure that people have access to wellness spaces and nutritional information regardless of the neighborhood. Our readers and contributors are also my biggest inspirations. Sharing their stories is just one more way to give back. 
My favorite part of the website is the 'Yogis of Color' series. Having yogis detail their own yoga journeys whether they are teachers or not is an amazing gift.
Ashley and I both believe that inspiration is everywhere!