Why Christians are not the boss of marriage.

I’ve been doing some thinking about marriage lately, in light of the recent decision by New York state in the U.S. to legalise homosexual marriage, as reported by the New York Times just a few weeks ago. I myself am married. I committed this act when I was all of nineteen years old. The person whom I married was eighteen, and we had managed to make a little baby together a year or so before. Of all the things we did in those few, heady years, technically, marrying was certainly the easiest. It was one terrific day. But getting ourselves a Christian marriage was definitely a lot harder. ...more
Well, everyone, no matter what their religion, has their own version of what marriage should and ... more

Lent: Learning How to Die

I am realizing, as the new Lenten season broadens around us, that my fears, my uncertainties about who this God I gave my heart to is really, that they're about dying. Dying to myself and my selfishness, to what I...more
I enjoyed this post. You are right! We don't have time to waste. Every moment is precious. Many ... more

Reasons it doesn't matter if no one reads my blog

This blog is a big deal to me. It always has been.Only for the past year or so, though, have I attempted to care if it were a big deal to other people too.It’s something about me I’m not fond of – this apparent need to be liked. I never thought I had that very much. I’ve found myself censoring more, saying less. Trying to appeal…and for what?...more
I haven't read the manifesto. However, i think I will take a quick peek! I feel the way you do, ... more