This Lovely Life: An Interview With Vicki Forman

A certain self-abnegating strength is required to write about children with special needs, to share wrenching experiences with honesty and dignity, while refusing to accommodate pity. ...more

It was my great, great pleasure to be in SF last summer, and ... more

Down Syndrome: An Abortion Controversy

My kids are 17 and 14, so it was quite a long time ago, but I do remember going to one of my first prenatal visits. I remember being asked if I wanted to have a blood test that could detect the possibility of Down Syndrome in my baby. Since the doctor formed this question in a way that made me think that the decision about having this test was up to me, I naively answered. ...more

Thank you for this thoughtful and thorough've referenced some of my very favorite ... more

Snakes on a plane! What to wear when you fly

I love to fly; one of my favorite things ever is to get on an airplane with my iPod and a magazine and just fritter away the time it takes to get where I'm going. But I also believe in being prepared for the worst, or at least for the most likely hassles, and in choosing clothing that will outlast my day of travel. I also believe that I should be the one sitting in the emergency exit row, because I will be able to open the door and toss it out faster than the rest of you. I have issues. Let's just move on. ...more

These are wonderful tips, thanks for the help!

Jennifer Graf Groneberg

Road Map ... more

Don't check, carry! Tips for packing the perfect bag

I'm sure you've heard by now: American Airlines is charging $15 for each bag you check with them this summer. You know, because it doesn't cost ENOUGH to travel already; now you can PAY to possibly have everything you are bringing with you go missing or get squashed. It's almost enough to make a girl stop checking her bags. ...more

Susan, you're a lifesaver!  My lifesaver!  After nine years at home with my kids, I find ... more

BlogHer '08 Bookstore: Call For Authors!

We are pleased to officially announce that, thanks to the generous folks at iRobot, BlogHer will once again host an on-site Internet Cafe and Bookstore at BlogHer '08. Which means that the BlogHer Bookstore will again be stocking, selling, and scheduling signings of books written by you. If you have written (or contributed) to a book that you would like for us to offer for sale at the BlogHer Bookstore, please let us know! ...more

Thank you for this opportunity.  My book has been out for about 2 months now, and I have yet ... more