Undereye Concealer, How I Love You

I’m a huge fan of bags -- just not the pesky little ones that surprise you after a long night. Yup, I’m sure most of you ladies know exactly what I’m talking about: undereye bags. They are a girl’s worst nightmare! There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning (like that’s not bad enough), looking in the mirror, and seeing puffy dark circles. You haven’t even had your coffee yet; not the best way to start your day....more

What Pieces to Invest in and What to Buy at a Discount

Every new season brings lots of excitement about what trends to expect. What should we clear out of our closets; what trends should we invest in: What should we store away until next year, and what trends aren’t worth investing in at all? These are all viable questions to ask come fall. I personally get so excited by all the freshly stocked clothes that I sometimes lose sight of what’s really worth splurging on. I’ve gathered up four fall trends with insight on whether or not you should dish out the money or save it for something else....more
Great tips.  I have a weakness for patterns and color in tops and I never thought to shop 2nd ...more