A Holiday Craft Tradition: Easy Sock Snowmen

Every year, while my kids are home for Christmas break, we do a couple of fun winter or Christmas craft activities together. This easy sock snowman craft reminds me of special times during my own childhood. ...more
These look so lovely. So simple to make and great instructions. I can't wait to make these with ...more

Holiday Bokeh Photography: 3 Easy Techniques

Want holiday photos as magical as your holiday memories? This year, take some holiday bokeh photos. Bokeh is a photography term that refers to intentional blur in parts of a photo, such as when the background is blurred while the subject is in focus. When combined with holiday settings, especially lights, bokeh becomes especially pretty - bright dots of color or light turn an ordinary snapshot into a gorgeous photo. If you have a dSLR, taking a photo with holiday bokeh is actually pretty simple. Keep reading for three ways to get that beautiful blur....more
Play around with putting the focus behind the lights....you should be able to blur them out ...more