An Open Letter to the Catholic Church

Dear Catholic Church,I’ve been a Catholic since I was born. I made my first communion, confirmed, and then married in the same church. I said goodbye to my favorite grandfather and my mom at that church. That church was home. Maybe it’s because of my parents’ close connection to St. Pius, but no one will ever be as good a priest as Father Arturo....more
It is almost 6:00 AM in Hamburg, Germany. I, too am debating if I will attend Mass today as it ...more

Don't Feed the Fire

There's really nothing that any of us can say that can bring light or wisdom to the tragedy in Newtown. It was horrendous. Nothing can make it ok or justify any of it. Nothing will bring back those precious babies that were the same age and same grade as my Ava. It makes me sick thinking of the horror all those babies went through. Whether you're on either spectrum of the gun control debate, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that mental health needs to be taken more seriously. Maybe some people are just evil and nothing will ever help them....more

Nice Try, Disney.

Disney, I love you. I love everything about you. We visited Disney this summer and we're still riding the Disney wave. Ava's 7th birthday party will have Minnie Mouse rolled into it. Not many 7 year olds love Disney, but she does. And Allie? Well she thinks Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are fannnnntastic.We love Princess and the Frog. Ava loves what a hard worker she was and is always proud when she does stuff around the house.  She loves Pocahontas. And Doc McStuffins? She's awesome and Ava loves her!...more