Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser review

**press sample**I may have mentioned this before to you guys, but up until about 6 months ago, I never really paid attention to my skin. I mean, I washed it when appropriate and did what I could to clean my skin, but I didn't take any prevention for aging or anything like that. Why? Because I just never wore makeup. For many, many years, my only makeup was eyeliner and mascara - and that was it. I only put on anything else if I was going to have my picture taken. I have always been low maintenance where my skin was concerned. Until recently....more

theBalm Plump your Pucker in Spike my Punch swatches+review

**press sample*Psst! Two giveaways going on right now that you need the check out! Here and Here!...more

Own Anti-Aging Lifting Eye Cream review

**Press Sample**As I'm getting older, I'm finding that things are different than they used to be. My clothes, my hair, my taste in skin. Especially around my eyes. When did I start to get old? When did my eyes start to look puffy...all the time? *sigh* Enter Own Lifting Eye Cream, a product I got from the IFabbo shop. I decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did....more

Own Skin Health Firming Silk Concentrate review

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Zoya PixieDusts for summer 2013!

**PR sample provided by company representative**...more

Zoya Stunning Collection for summer 2013!

**PR sample provided by company representative**Good afternoon! I've finally got the Zoya Stunning collection ready for you guys! This is a collection of 6 cremes - altho, I've found, there is some hidden shimmer in a few of them!...more

Jordana Sweet 'n Smooth Lip Balms swatches+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**I have a nice treat for everyone today! LIP BALM! I have the Jordana Sweet 'n Smooth collection to spotlight today - and I truly enjoy them :) I took some time with these lip balms testing them out in various situations. While they may not be the longest lasting lip balms I've ever tried, they smell and taste wonderful, and they provide a hint of color! The best part? They are only $1.99 each!!...more

Wishful Bath & Beauty's FEVERshadow in Effie's Trinket swatches+review - PICTURE HEAVY

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China Glaze Hologlam Take a Trek swatched+review

**PR sample provided by company representative**Ready for another China Glaze Hologlam collection polish? I've got a great blue for you today - Take a Trek - a denim blue. You can see the rainbow more in this color than in some of the lighter colors. I know I always say this, but I like the darker holos....more

Steven R.McQueen running on no sleep and hopped up on Red Bull is delightfully entertaining

I recently went to a Vampire Diaries convention in Chicago put on by Creation Entertainment, so I'm sharing my experience with my readers! I will have a series of posts (hopefully with a lot of pictures!) of all the panels I got to take part in during the event, which took place in April 2013....more