Who is Responsible for Your Happiness?

Happiness. Seems elusive at times, doesn't it? We can blame others, moan about circumstances, or wait for some mythical magic to happen so we can then be happy, but it doesn't work. Happiness is an inside job. Who is responsible for your happiness? ...more
I appreciate the open ended question without advice on finding the "right" answers. You have ... more

Why I Told My Best Friend Not to Have Kids

One of my best friends is on the fence about having children, but I'm not: I told her not to. My advice isn't because I regret becoming a mother, or that I think she'd be a bad one -- on the contrary. I know she'd be a wonderful mother and I've never for one millisecond regretted having my children. My advice is based on what I believe it would do to her because I know what it's done to me....more
I appreciate the fact that you are so honest and put it right out there. I think many mothers ... more

Forget Something? Last-Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

It's okay, I've done it too. Life gets busy and before you know it Halloween is upon you and you haven't a thing to wear. Don't worry! Pop culture history holds a plethora of great quickie costume ideas and I'm here to help you dig through it. Below? Eight costumes you can pull together in no time at all.There's Something About Mary: © 1998 Twentieth Century Fox...more
A group of friends and I were semi-last minute. This was an easy one to put together and quite a ... more

Hurricane Sandy – I Lost Power But Maybe Found a Stronger Connection

It has been a few days since hurricane Sandy reached the Northeast and caused havoc for millions. I remained in my apartment in New York City for three days with my two daughters without electricity or water. The days had their challenges but I noticed how my daughters and I all stayed together the entire time. We ate, slept, talked and played together. We laughed about the non-working toilet that was starting to smell and the hard biscuits I made in the dark....more
Beautiful post and lovely reminders. In the city that never sleeps, where people were forced to ... more

I Found Love Online and You Can Too

When deciding to find a date online, safety is first and foremost. There are a lot of whackos out there but on the flip side, there are a lot of good people that are serious about wanting to meet someone. Use your common sense at all times. Most on-line sites won't allow you to post contact information. You must go through their site to contact a person. Don't give out any personal information until you are sure you are ready to talk in person. ...more
I totally appreciate the advice to Cyber Stalk... I have a friend who has mastered that skill ... more

It Is Stupidly Expensive to Be a Bridesmaid

I've been a bridesmaid, um, five or six times? And I've been a romantic-piece-of-writing-maybe-Kahlil-Gibran-or-Bible-verse reader many, many more times. I much prefer being a reader. You want to know why? It costs thousands to be today's bridesmaid. Seriously....more
Like yourself, and your readers, I've also been a bridesmaid a bagillion times. Curious... what ... more

You Don't Have an ADHD Child

Sometimes people don't realize what they're saying is offensive or hurtful because they've never been made aware, don't understand the connotations of what they're saying. I believe Penny's post at A Mom's View of ADHD is an important one. Our children are not defined by one thing in their lives, one struggle or one diagnosis. It is important for us, as adults, to acknowledge that with our word choice. ...more
I appreciate this post, thanks. As a teacher, I am very conscious of being sure not to define ... more

Interview with The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) has entertained us for years with her eclectic sense of humor and her commitment to the community via The Traveling Red Dress Project. Her accidental philanthropy shows her heart is bigger than her metal chicken. I was so excited to hear Jenny's memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, is out in paperback (with a bonus chapter) this month. I've grown to know Jenny over the past few years via blogging, and I've never met anyone quite like her -- raw, loving, brave and crazy like a fox. ...more
BlogHer: What are the ingredients in a Wine Slushie? Jenny Lawson If I have money, it’s a snow ... more

The Myth of the Boogey Man: Arresting Mom for Unsupervised Play

Tammy Cooper is just like me; she lives on a quiet cul-de-sac and she lets her children ride their scooters along the neighborhood street. The only difference between this Mom and me is she was arrested for allowing her kids, ages six and nine, to play outside watching from “only a few feet away.” All it took was the judgment of one neighbor and a phone call to the police that has turned Tammy’s life upside down. ...more
Why the neighbour went to the police before the mother puzzles me. We all have a tendency to ... more

Glass Slippers Just Show Our Nasty Feet to Everyone

Lets remember how smashed up our toes get in a pair of normal shoes. We don't see it and neither does anyone else, so we don't care. Now remember that glass doesn't breathe at all. So what we have are perfectly visible, smashed up, sweaty feet. Now this is what we are supposed to wear out with our dream man to dance on? Oh, come off it. Cinderella's fairy god mother was a sadist. ...more
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