I'm a mom. I'm a business owner. I'm a wife. I'm a woman, formed by the other... read more



I'm a mom. I'm a business owner. I'm a wife. I'm a woman, formed by the other three, but definitely, becoming (again) my own person.

I have views and opinions that might be considered unconventional; bring me a 2nd wife, husband! I'm tired and can't do everything myself. 

I'm driven, passionate (and over the last little while, I have come to learn how passionate), focused, dedicated, devoted and a good wife (or, so I thought).

I'm sharing my story with you because I want to use this forum to understand more about me and to share with other people. I want your feedback and comments, but leave your judgements at the door. 

I absolutely believe in women and our strengths and abilities. I believe that we have so much power that we do not own and are afraid of owning. Our sexuality has been so demonized that we are afraid of it; afraid of owning it, putting it out there, because we don't want to be labelled.

For me, I am grasping it at, clutching it, if you will, like a life preserver. I am struggling to let go of my doubts, my self-recriminations and embrace me in all my glory, foolishness, mistakes and joys.

Understandably (and you will understand once you begin reading) I will not be linking to my Linked In, Facebood, Twitter, or, any other account. This has to remain private - as private as one can be posting to the web.

Let's see what happens - together.