Madrid’s Hotel Atlántico: European romance and charm on the Gran Vía

To read more on my thoughts on whether to stay at the Eurostars Tower or the Hotel Atlantico in ...more

How to make your travel photos sizzle

Even though trips must come to an end, travel photos live on. Who hasn’t taken a detour down vacation memory lane before paying online bills by opening a photo folder on the desktop and clicking through the images? How many adults have childhood memories of sitting cross-legged on the living room floor of their grandparents’ home and paging through a photo album stuffed with family road trip pictures?...more

Touching history in Segovia, Spain

As I sat at an outdoor café table near an imposing first century Roman aqueduct enjoying fat, fleshy Manzanilla olives and a bottle of sparkling water, I blurted out for the umpteenth time: “This is like a movie!” My travel companions and guides – E and his parents – smiled politely, yet again, at what was becoming my rather unimaginative catchphrase for the visit....more

Arriving in Madrid

In retrospect, I should have known that my visit to Spain would be an adventure. After all, the journey that led me to the Iberian Peninsula started with an Atlantic Ocean-sized leap of faith....more

An Unfinished Story

I love plot surprises. An unexpected twist allows me to see a character from an entirely different perspective. Sudden new revelations can make me look at a story in a completely different way. Anyone who has watched The Crying Game, Sixth Sense or even The Empire Strikes Back knows what I mean....more

Three Benefits of Travel

I always smile when I look at an old picture of my young children -- clad in shorts and sweatshirts -- standing ankle deep in the Pacific Ocean surf on a cloudy day. They are engrossed in a conversation that has long since been forgotten. And though the family trips sometimes blur together in my mind, the clarity of certain moments and specific emotions remain....more