Jordana Van

I am a holistic energy healer and intuitive counselor specializing in restoring... read more

Jordana Van


I am a holistic energy healer and intuitive counselor specializing in restoring mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness through a variety of natural and metaphysical techniques. Every day brings new and exciting challenges and understandings, and so my journey is ever-changing and always full of wonder--a fact best exemplified by my original intention to stay out of the family-business, as it were!


Consequently, I am a living example of one of my favorite little sayings, which goes: "Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!"  The Universe may not have much interest in our intentions, but it does have a deep love for every piece of us, a perfect knowledge of what we really need to thrive and the patience to whack us upside the head with that information until we finally Get It and get with the program already. Oh yes, and the Universe has a sense of humor. A surprisingly silly, and oftentimes shockingly naughty one. At least that's what I deduced when the first angel that visited me during a client-session did not come in a blaze of holy light with a halo . . . but happily ensconced in a comfy arm-chair, and drinking a beer.


Welcome to the place where I share my knowledge of holistic healing, and the daily experiences that continue to enrich it, and please visit me at to find out how I can help YOU achieve health and joyful wellbeing.


Blessings and light!