Forever 21's Maternity Line: Why it's a Fashion DO

Ah, pregnancy. That joyous time when you're growing a tiny human, blissfully preparing for his or her arrival, and ... potentially taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost of maternity clothes....more
Thanks so much for this post.  Im 16 weeks, looking more like 25 because Im carrying all in the ... more

Introducing Myself...

So I've been reading BlogHer for quite a while. Technically I have been a member as well. But I was never a participant.Then I got the call. Two and half weeks before school was set to start, and I get a call from the principal telling me they have canceled half day kindergarten. Many tears and frantic conversations later, we decided to send Sammy to full day kindergarten at the same school, the school her big sister already attends. The best decision for her, not me....more
How did you get your site be be  I can't even figure out how to get the ... more

I need dog training tips asap! I can't keep our big dog from hopping the fence into the veggie garden and snacking away!

I need dog training tips asap! I can't keep our big dog from hopping the fence into the veggie garden and snacking away! ...more
Yeah.  It's between 3.5 and 4 feet.  He goes in there and snacks on what's left of my tomatoes. more

A Nurse Practitioner Speaks the Truth about Sexual Assault

[Editor’s note: Do young women have enough information about how their bodies work? It’s a question those who work in health care with sexual assault victims routinely confront. In the wake of Todd Akin’s shockingly ignorant remarks about rape, nurse practitioner Carolyn Ewell wrote this revealing and incredibly powerful post at Reporting on Health about her experience giving sexual assault exams in a rural community.–Mona] ...more
I am a police detective and investigate sexual assaults.  I am so grateful for the great ... more

How to be an Irresistible Blogger

And let's face it, sometimes life gets so busy we just do a "mark all as read" move and start from scratch. Except that I never really do that. I mean, I do it to MOST of my reader, but there are some blogs, that no matter HOW late to the party I am, I will read every.single. word. What is it about those blogs that keeps me from just skipping some posts in an effort to catch up? Why am I so drawn to those particular spaces? ...more
I love this post! I am new to blogging.  I posted my first two articles today and hope I am not ... more