I See Myself as Skinny When I'm Not

So this is going to sound strange, but just bear with me. I think I have reverse body image issues. I'm one of the billions of women who "used to be skinny." But in the past couple of years, I've noticed that I look at my body in a different way than most of the other "used to be skinny" women. Let me explain. ...more
writingislove  So well put! You are exactly right! Our view changes depending on who we are ... more

I Like My Body. Is that Okay with You?

I was running one morning earlier this week when I noticed something strange. I noticed that I like my body. ...more
This is fantastic! Great post. I kinda feel the same. I know I'm not as skinny as I use to be ... more

24 Pounds of Happiness

When Stephanie asked me to write a post on happiness, I thought, well, this is easy! So I started compiling a list of all of the things that make me happy. Like that new, just-out-of-the-box shoe smell, a cold beer on a warm summer afternoon, some cheesy queso dip with crispy chips ... but then I thought, wait. Let's focus on ONE thing that brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness each and every day. This thing .... ...more
@Kizz Thanks! We also JUST adopted a 1.5 year old Rottweiler. He and Piper are besties already! more