I Prefer Real Moms to the Ones Who Write Parenting Advice Books

I’m not nearly the mother I dreamed I would be. I’m too frazzled to be a room mom. I detest cooking. And since I have anger management issues, I yell at the umpires in middle school softball. But I’ve recently discovered a mecca for brilliant parenting advice. It’s a place where you’ll find tips from more obsessive supermoms crammed into one space than in the dressing room on Toddlers & Tiaras -- the self-help shelves at Barnes and Noble. This magic aisle boasts hundreds of titles written by successful “real” moms instructing us slacker moms on the secrets of how to do everything from organize and delegate to go green and get rid of stubborn belly fat....more
"non-real" Mom doubtfully write "their" books. They may put together an outline for a ghost ... more

Tracking Your Life on Your Blog Sidebar: Are You a Self-Quantifier?

I’m older now. My checklists and charts are now mostly electronic. But they are still there. It seems they may have even multiplied.  Before I walk anywhere, I turn the pedometer on in one of my handy phone apps. Every weekend, I make a list of things to do, activities to complete, food to make and systematically check the items off on my iPad, keeping track of what was done, what still needs to be completed. I’ve tried time and time again to keep a food journal – that eventually fades out after a few days – but I know people who swear by programs like Lose It to keep them focused on their weight loss goals. Running almost never happens without my RunKeeper app coming along with me. (why’s that girl running with her phone? Oh non-quantifier, you wouldn’t understand.) ...more
I have recently removed all the "widgets" from my blog. You can still subscribe or 'follow' but ... more

How Real Life Networking Can Build Your Social Media Presence

Some bloggers seem to be everywhere online.  Their posts and products are offered far and wide by many different people so you keep seeing them in different arenas. Do you want to be one of those bloggers?  Of course you do! If you want to be part of this elite group you need to put as much emphasis on building relationships as on blogging. The Secret Sauce ...more
great thoughts...as an artist getting my work to be seen IRL is MUCH more affective than trying ... more

Learning About Russian Culture Through a Cookbook

One of my favorite “hobbies” (one of many many many hobbies because choosing one thing and sticking to it just isn’t for me) is collecting old cookbooks.I love browsing tag sales or used book sales and finding cookbooks from a different era.  Imagine my excitement when my grandmother, who recently moved from Moscow to NYC, gave me a coveted old Russian cookbook....more
Oh so drooling! My oldest son is from Russia. Russia is in our hearts! We oftentimes hit up the ... more

Are you Ready for these Jellies?

I don't think you're ready for these jellies.Or are you?...more
My 5 yr old looks amazing in them. A 15 yr old would too. But the 'official' Jelly cut-off ... more

A Pescatarian's dilemma: Trader Joe's fishy practices

Pescatarians who shop at Trader Joe's: I have bad news! My favorite supermarket chain got the worst score in Greenpeace's latest seafood sustainability scorecard (PDF), scoring even lower than Target and Wal-Mart! ...more


NO!!! I'm very disapointed...


We try to do gluten-free for ... more