Whole Wheat English Muffins

I’m obsessed.I have a new love.It’s this fig butter.I know, I live a big, exciting life. You don’t have to tell me.I want to put it on everything. The other night’s dinner consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich made with some leftover brie cheese, and you know I put some fig butter on that beauty....more

Fig, Prosciutto and Brie Panini

What’s easier than a sandwich? And what’s better than a warm, toasty, melty sandwich? One that hits all the right notes.And this panini has it all: Crusty ciabatta bread. Sweetness from the fig butter. Salty prosciutto. Spicy arugula. Melty, creamy brie cheese....more

Fig Butter

A couple of weeks ago two of my best friends moved to Miami, Florida.In between what Erin likes to refer to as the “daily monsoons”, it is apparently balls hot there. Meanwhile, as soon as they left Chicago, it dropped from 90+ degrees every day to mid-70s.In other words: As soon as my friends moved to where it is summer year-round, it became fall here. I’m not complaining....more

Stupid-Easy Pesto Salmon

Stupid-easy salmon.Really, that’s what this is. So easy, it’s stupid. So easy, it’s pretty much impossible to mess up.I’m not even asking you to make your own pesto here, although that is certainly an option. Even though you only need a tiny amount here, leftover pesto actually freezes really well, so you can easily store it away for another day. Or, you can opt to slather it on everything from pizza to pasta to sandwiches…create your own adventure!...more

Cobb Salad, Revisited

Did anyone out there have an “eat weekend”?*Raises hand*My cousin got married this weekend, which means I spent most of the weekend socializing with various family members and…well, eating.After all of the food, drinks, and wedding cake…it might be time for a salad at least once this week. But let’s not just stick with our normal, boring go-to salad. Let’s take something traditional, and give it a little spin. You know…revisit it....more