Joan Rivers Has Become The Thing That You Know When You See It

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once famously defined obscenity as something he knows when he sees. The "you know it when you see it" defense is indefinable, but yet people generally agree there are lines in society. We know when they've been crossed. We just know. Recently Joan Rivers' positively awful behavior rendered Joan herself as that indefinable thing. She's gone from critical to contemptible, and now we must throw our collective hands up and beg her to please just stop. Just stop. Really. You're not funny at all. To anyone. ...more
WhitneyD You are so right! I used to love her edgy comedy when she was younger. Now it has ... more

Writing Scared

This year has been hard for me, my family, and my friends and this blog has suffered for it. I have seen friends (both online and real-life) lose their children. I have battled against mental health and marital issues, I have nearly lost my job due to both. I have had two of the most important men in my life lose their mothers within a week of each other. I have had one friend commit suicide while I battled against the demons that told me that I could do the same. ...more
Please realize that you  are not alone. Trouble is, I believe,  the true human condition. ... more

Why the Working Families Flexibility Act Won't Work

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the Working Families Flexibilities Act, a bill supported heavily by Republicans, who claim the act will help employees -- particularly working mothers -- find better work-life balance. But not everyone agrees....more
@MLBK903  Exactly right.  This is another attempt to take overtime pay away from women. ... more

Anyone else miss david tennet as the dr on dr who?! I do.

Anyone else miss david tennet as the dr on dr who?! I do. ...more
Our whole family still misses David Tennant.  Matt Smith is doing OK, but  he doesn't show the ... more

Did Feminism Say Women Could Have It All? Not Really

Can women – or men, for that matter – have it all? As a hope-to-one-day-be-a-working-mom, I’m wading into this Internet debate. I just can’t help myself. Aside from my firm conviction that “having it all” is an objectionable phrase that should have been retired almost as soon as it came into fashion, I also find this ongoing conversation to be, well, how can I put this? Silly. Not because there’s not a problem here – there is – but because the “solutions” proposed by the parade of working-mothers in glossy magazines are inadequate and incomplete. ...more
We need to teach our girls AND boys about feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc. It is ... more

Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racism" Song: Sorry About That. Can I Have a Latte?

Have you ever seen or heard something so bad that you thought that it was satire? And then, upon realizing that it’s not satire, you wish it was? On Monday, country singer Brad Paisley released “Accidental Racist,” the first single off his upcoming album, Wheelhouse (out April 9) to mixed -- no, cringe-inducing -- reviews. ...more
At least this song gets the dialogue going. While our population has become more diverse, more ... more

Dear God, 11 Years Old Is Too Young to Be Pregnant

Dear God; I am writing this and I still can't believe I'm writing this. No, wait. Yes, I can, and that's what makes it even sadder. My daughter and her friends were all abuzz yesterday when I came home from work. I was hoping they were all wildly misinformed, but Moms talk and other kids talk and I guess it's true. One of my daughter's schoolmates is pregnant. God, one of my eleven-year-old daughter's schoolmates is pregnant. And keeping the baby....more
@SingleMomtism  @Jane Collins  Just goes to show that we should be talking honestly & openly to ... more

Bowls Versus Trash Cans

When you begin sharing your life with someone, you discover differences in family traditions. Sometimes they are foreseeable and other times they take you by surprise. Jenny Lawson recounts many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, including the time she discovered she had been sitting on couches wrong....more
We are bucket people mosly  but  have been known to grab anything in a pinch!  My kids & ... more

What is Your Confidence Wig?

There are days when we all need a little help -- a confidence boost. When we are in a situation that makes us nervous or anxious a little thing can make big difference. Jenny Lawson has found things that help deal with her anxiety disorder. She documents many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and one of my favorites is something that we can all do in our own way -- confidence wigs. ...more
I love large dark sunglasses, always thought they made me look kinda glamorous.  Lately I HAVE ... more

BlogHer's Next E-Book: All About Food - DEADLINE EXTENDED!

@omgyummy  Does it have .docx instead of  just .doc?  Try changing file name to .doc and ... more