Boomerang kids, AKA, "Crap, they came back!"

 I have many friends who are close to my age who are currently empty nesters.  They started having children when they were in their 20's, and are currently in their mid to late 40's and their children have moved out of the house.  Some are married, some in college, some are working.  I have asked many of them (the mothers usually) if they experienced the "Empty Nest Syndrome"....more
You go girl! You are helping your daughter become a fully independent woman. Rather than ... more

She Who Had No Idea

She probably didn't mean to come across as ignorant and ironic.  There was no question, though, that she had an intent. The woman was a fellow federal worker, and we were sitting across from each other for a meeting earlier this week. As the small group of us sat around waiting for the others, we made introductions and small talk. ...more
Congratulations, Julie, on your class and character.  I'm so glad you are a mom, as our country ... more

What Do You Do When Your Teen Won't Get a Job?

I blame myself.No actually I blame people who are parenting kids born in the early to mid 90's.We messed up. We did it wrong. We shouldn't have listened to the "experts." I think we should have parented more like our parents did than how we were told was a "better way." I am of course speaking about the way we have parented our children who were born between 1992 and 1996....more
I   work with parents of young adults (and sometimes their kids) all the time. It is indeed ... more