10 Great Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers

You would think that people who love books would be easy to shop for but that's not always the case. They love to read but do you always know which books they've read or that they want to read? Probably not. Gift cards for bookstores are always appreciated by a book lover (really!) but sometimes you want to go beyond the gift card. Here are some suggestions for the book lover in your life that are (mostly) not books. ...more
Love the spineless books! I'd never heard of them before. Definitely want to consider one of those. more

5 Incredibly Useful Gifts for Your Favorite Blogger

So you have a friend or family member who loves to blog, and you want to get her a present that will help her kick it up a notch this year. Here are some ideas on really useful things to give the blog lover in your life. ...more
This is a great post. I'm a blogger and would love any of these but would never have considered ... more