First Post! And Fruit Leathers.

This is my very first post on my very first blog ever! How exciting!Miss Girl will be starting school this week, so hopefully after that there will be lots of pictures of bento lunches. She loves them and I have a great time making them, so it's a win/win. At some point this fall/winter I will probably start making bento lunches for myself and also for Mr. Man, and then we'll have some pictures of not so cute adult obento. Can't wait!!...more
I don't EVEN want to hear it. Before I met you guys I'd never even heard of a cupcake carrier ... more

(PHOTOS) Great Bento Lunch Ideas

Wyatt's lunch/snack was packed in the Laptop Lunch box: grape tomatoes, broken pretzel sticks from the bottom of the bag, grapes, blueberries and a mini hamburger with a mini hamburger bun. The little yellow tub had catsup in it. The burger was an experiment that ended up going pretty well! ...more
Such great-looking lunches!! Oooohhhh and now I want to play with sliders too haha. Thanks for ... more