Salsa recipe

The following recipe is Hubby's delicious home-made salsa! ...more

Day #36: Now & Then

So, for a little change of pace (and because my brain is fried from 12 hours of charge nursing in a very busy emergency room) I decided to tell my readers a little bit about me. I found one of those e-mail quizzes that people used to pass around on Myspace and Facebook back in the day. I decided to copy and paste the quiz I took a couple years ago, showing the answers from then and providing the my "now" answers.  ...more

Day #34: New-ish goals?

So, you may have noticed the Warrior Dash countdown for 2012. My brother is running the Warrior Dash in Grand Rapids next month and my parents want to run in one next year. So, now it's a family event and I want to do it to. That gives me 11 months to get myself in enough shape to run just over 3 miles. Can I do it? Only time will tell. I tend to do better if I am working towards something, so this sounds like a winner!...more