Gay porn? Nope. Free Xanax? No thanks. Cannabis Society? I'm not really a joiner. Am I just dull, or do spam comments drive you nuts too?

Gay porn? Nope. Free Xanax? No thanks. Cannabis Society? I'm not really a joiner. Am I just dull, or do spam comments drive you nuts too? ...more
Absolutely!  So you don't think I'm dull!  At least not on this evidence! :)  It amazes me how ... more

Blog Hops... Think before you hop.

In my experience Blog Hops are a followers scam put on by, do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do hosts.  If you think by joining the "Blog Hop" you will increase your Blog followers, Facebook page likes and Twitter followers, think again.  The only people who benefit from the Blog Hops are the hosts.  Only the hosts and top 5-10 people on the list will gain followers. ...more
Thank you for this article!  I have participated in a few Hops, and I was SO religious.  reading ... more

Oh My I Have Sinned

I'm not Catholic, but the words I've heard so many times on TV came quietly out of my mouth; "Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned."  Well, maybe not sinned yet, but am sure as heck in the process of planning on it.Yup - I decided to try making Butterfingers at home.  Why?  Because it's super easy and I was curious and I like Butterfingers.  Because it seemed like a good idea.  Because, regardless of my efforts to get healthier, I still feel comfortable in my own patterns of baking things that are absolutely not virtuous in any way....more
Bless you, pretty kitty.  For your penance, you shoyuld share your home baked sins with the rest ... more

How Malala Could Change the World -- and Win a Nobel Prize

She is now able to sit up in bed and read. Which by itself seems a miracle given her fate seemed so grim after the 15-year-old was shot in the head by a Taliban militant. ...more
Thank you for posting the link to sign the petition to recognize Malala as a living symbol of ... more

I Am Done with My Child's School

Have you ever had to deal with one of those teachers? The kind of teacher who always gives you “that look.” The look like you are a horrible parent because they feel like you do not do enough for your child? I have, and I am done with it. I have come to the decision that I am checking out. I know it is not the responsible parent thing to do; however, I am just frustrated and burnt out. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying I do not care about my children. I care about my children more than anything, which is why I have made this decision....more
I am so sorry for the pain you and your child are experiencing.  I know it may seem off topic, ... more

Beautiful Moments Every Day

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the traditional idea of beauty in this new digital age we live in. I find myself constantly inspired by beautiful images online and in magazines, picture-perfect women with flawless skin and enviable outfits. ...more
I just love that you take the time to do things for yourself to enjoy yourself.  I, too, work ... more

One Dress, One Skirt 3 Ways

Some things never go out of style. A flattering pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a pair of black pumps...none of these wardrobe items will do you wrong. There is a reason certain items are considered classics: year in and year out, they're reliable choices in your closet....more
Beautiful!  I love all 4 styling options you have shown, and they completely transform the ... more

Five Ways to Feel Beautiful Every Day

Beautiful. Or as I prefer to call it: Beauty-full.True beauty isn't about mirrors or makeup. It's about being comfortable in your own skin.True beauty is easier to possess than it is to feel. Just because you are beautiful, doesn't mean you feel that way. Sometimes we need to be reminded. At least I do, anyway. I need daily tips and tricks and encouragement, to remind me that it is okay to feel beautiful. So that's why I've put together this post, focusing on just a few of the tools I use to help feel beautiful every day....more
What  a great read!  Thank you!  Yes, we deserve to feel and enjoy our own beauty, but it is up ... more

Beauty = Acceptance

I don't know a single woman who can confidently say these words: "I've always known I was beautiful." Nor should she, but that's what my girlfriends and I were discussing last weekend when we got together for pizza and beer. We make plans to get together regularly so that we can check in on one another and encourage each other....more
What an empowering thing to be able to say and mean "I am happy with my face"!  Good for you!!!  ... more

Afraid to Voice Your Political Opinion?

I am. I'm getting more vocal, but I've kept quiet pretty much to hubby the entire election season but I can no longer do so. I listen to his attempts to justify why I should vote for Mitt Romney. His main reason all along is that he worked his way out of the ghetto to grow a business that will be penalized if Obama is elected by hitting us harder with taxes. That's a pretty valid reason, but not enough. I'm considering the future of the entire country, not just us, in deciding who to vote for. ...more
No - not afraid.  But so sick of the hate speech coming from both sides, swamping any reasoned ... more