Should a Mother Lose her Child because of One Mistake?

Close your eyes and imagine this:Imagine that your beloved father dies suddenly and in your grief, you make a mistake. You drink too much and sleep with an old friend.Imagine that you become pregnant form this and, understandable, your significant other of 7 years is upset, but you really want this baby. You feel it is the last piece of your father coming though and you want to name this baby after him....more
This agency has set out to punish Carri for daring to speak out and fight for her child.  They ... more

Missing My Mom: The Real Consequences of Drunk Driving

Two Wednesdays ago, she called me while I was napping. I usually don’t answer my phone when I’m napping, but this time, instead of hitting the red button, I chose the green one instead. “Hey, I’m taking a nap with Eva. Can I call you back?” She told me, “Sure, that’s fine.” I then fell into a deep sleep. I woke up two hours later, and in the rush to prepare dinner, I forgot to call her back. ...more
I am so very sorry for your loss. more

A Letter to Our Child: You Were Not Our Second Choice

You were always part of our family plan. And as life has probably already taught you, life takes our “plans” and laughs at them. We are thrown challenges, changes, and so many curve-balls. Our well thought out plans become nothing but memories. Things that we believe to be true are not. Things that seem easy can become so very hard. Life is like that....more
@natanyap  @ThankfulPeach  I agree with Peach.  And this post has the odor of some kind of ... more

She Who Had No Idea

She probably didn't mean to come across as ignorant and ironic.  There was no question, though, that she had an intent. The woman was a fellow federal worker, and we were sitting across from each other for a meeting earlier this week. As the small group of us sat around waiting for the others, we made introductions and small talk. ...more
I am very proud of my own daughter who is serving in the National Guard.  I don't know how I ... more

I am a soon to be first time grandmother and I'm so overwhelmingly sad. I just can't get past it.

I am a soon to be first time grandmother and I'm so overwhelmingly sad. I just can't get past it. ...more
My oldest daughter got pregnant at 19. I was overwhelmingly sad and depressed as well. My ... more