3 Ways to Wear White

I used to be skeptical about wearing white. I thought that it made me look larger than I was, and I never felt that my skin was quite bronze enough to complement it, so I just didn't don white clothing on the regular. ...more

Summer Entertaining Essentials

Warm summer weather just begs for entertaining -- whether it's impromptu cocktails on the porch with your neighbor, a backyard barbecue or a low-key dinner party with friends. Now is the time to stock up on a few entertaining essentials to keep on hand this summer -- so no matter the day or occasion, you are ready for guests! There are five key pieces I rely on time and time again to create an inviting and stylish atmosphere. Ice Bucket, Tray, Fouta & Carafe...more
I love the ice bucket!more

A No-Fail Travel Outfit + What To Pack In Your Carry-On

Summer travel season is officially upon us! With that comes a lot of packing, planning and time in the air and on the road. After your bags are all packed, the last thing to do is pick out a travel outfit. Skip the leggings or sweatpants this year and instead opt for a pulled-together look that is equal parts stylish and comfortable!...more
I so need to find a jersey dress before my trips in july!more

How To Wear 3 Spring Trends

Spring has officially arrived, which means it’s time to store away your bulky boots and sweaters in lieu of lighter, brighter pieces. This spring there are plenty of new trends you’ll see in stores and on your favorite bloggers - like perforated pieces, lightweight leather, cut-outs and pastels. There are also a few trends that are easier to wear, and you may be able to rock them with your existing wardrobe. Before you overhaul your closet, let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest trends and how to work with what you have....more
Very nice recommendations!  I like the pastel tweed trend which I think is a classic. I have ...more

8 Great Spring Drugstore Beauty Finds

Now that spring is officially here, it's time to revamp and refresh your wardrobe and beauty routine to welcome the new season! Start by cleaning out your makeup and beauty supplies. Purge anything that is expired (here's a general guide on when to pitch products), is discolored or you haven't used in the last three months and evaluate what you need. Get rid of dull winter skin by stocking up on exfoliating products, shimmery bronzers and sunless tanners. ...more
The hair line for Shea Moisture is awesome as well!more

Bold Lips, Glam Waves Take Home Awards Season Oscars

Hollywood wrapped up the 2013 award season last night with the biggest of them all: the Academy Awards! I have to admit I wasn't overly excited about many of the dresses on the Oscars red carpet this year, but I did find it refreshing to see so many stars taking a different approach to hair and makeup. ...more
Glam queen of the night: Charleze Theron. She was breathtakingly gorgeous.more

9 Most Memorable Oscar Fashion Statements of the Last 15 Years

Awards season is in full swing, and the biggest night for Hollywood is quickly approaching! While The Golden Globes and Grammys are fun to watch, let's face it: We all look forward to watching the gowns come down the red carpet on the night of the Academy Awards. Over the years, there have been some definite hits and some unfortunate misses, but it's safe to say that all of these looks are ones to remember.Amy Adams' tight emerald dress and glamorous waves made her a stunner in 2008....more
I always loved Julia Robert's 2001 Valentino gown.more

Old Hollywood Glamour Waves Make a Red Carpet Comeback

In lieu of tight updos and loads of hairspray, this year's award show season has surprisingly seen an abundance of soft, natural looking waves reminiscent of the 1920's. I love the combination of seemingly no-fuss hair and an ultra glamorous dress! The best part of this trend- is that we normal folk can wear it in our every day lives! ...more

How to Detox Your Closet

The holiday season is behind us, the days are short, and the weather is bleak -- and you're likely spending most of your time inside. Instead of ignoring your resolutions this year, why not use that snowy Saturday or dark Friday night to detox your closet? Not only will this help to de-clutter your life, it will give you a refreshed take on your wardrobe and start your new year off on the right track. Put on a fun play list, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get organizing! ...more
I go through my closet in the spring and do what we call the "Oprah" toss. Hasn't been worn in a ...more

Picking Out the Perfect Party Dress for Your Body

Picking out a dress for a special party can seem daunting. There are an overwhelming amount of options in the stores and online and it seems each year there are more and more sequins to choose from. The key to picking out that perfect dress is selecting the right one for your body type. There have been plenty of occasions when I've purchased a dress because it was trendy or I simply loved the fabric but later discovered it just wasn't right for my body. If you follow your instinct and this easy guide, you'll be able to find a dress you feel beautiful and confident in for this party and for years to come....more
A stunning collection of party dresses. All the dresses having unique and attractive look....more