A Gradual Difference


Christmas Blues

A friend of mine, a single mom, recently messaged me, “I don't like the holidays! For some reason I always get a little lonely and sad. Why do you think that is? Is it normal to feel that way?" I responded:"Because finding out when your a kid that this guy doesn't really exist is just the beginning of the lifelong disappointment that our fantasy of what Christmas should be like, doesn't line up at all with the reality of what Christmas is like?"...more

How Victor Tried To Steal My Identity

Mattress Firm, A Cure-all For Cabin Fever.

Somebody help me.I need adult interaction. Please......more

Dear Men...some friendly advise.

Dear Men-Who-Have-Everything-To-Loose,...more

Once You're Out Of The Box It's Hard To Get Back In

I'm going through something. All of a sudden the weirdness of life has slapped me upside the head again. "Hey gurl! It's me you're old friend Weird! Just wanted to let you know that nothings changed…It's all still really freaking weird!"...more

Waking Up From Happily Ever After

The triangle relationship I was an unwilling participant in with my soon to be ex-husband and his "best friend" has parting gifts.  This past summer I took my kids on a month long vacation overseas to visit their grandparents. I came home to find new sheets on my bed. I said to him, "Wow! I can't believe that you actually bought new sheets and made the bed so nice for me! That's my favorite thing ever, coming home after traveling and crawling into my own bed with clean sheets." "Oh yes! Kelly got those for you!...more

Getting Good At Crazy

If I didn't think I was crazy before my husband and I started our own business... I can be sure I am now. I'll fit right into the insane asylum. I bet it's filled with small business owners rocking back and forth to soothe themselves....more