Fighting Bullying With Our Own Stories

You are strong enough -- you have always been strong enough, even as you drew your first breath, pink and sticky with placenta. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are individual. Your very existence is a testament to courage. You do not need the certainty of conformity because you are courage. You may not think it matters, you may think that you are alone, but the very act of being you, doing what makes you happy, liking what you like, dressing how you like, exploring what you like, is a triumph for freedom and self-expression on a much bigger battleground than you could ever imagine. ...more
Magnificent. And yeah, I was also bullied... ... more

Middle Aged Ink: The Tale of My Second Set of Ovaries

“That’s the one; the one that says ‘woman’ underneath it. That’s the one I’m getting....more
Darcie, but how sad am I that I didn't realize what it was? Ah, to be twenty-one and drunk again... more