Can energy efficiency save a marriage?

Elisa We know energy efficiency can save the world, but can it save a marriage?Leave it to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to take on that question. The agency is known for its vanguard energy research.  But  it is one thing to produce papers on topics like ‘Air Bypass in Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps’ and another to delve into what a cold room can do to a new marriage....more
Amusing. Love the part where you can see his breath and he still doesn't get that she has a ... more

Pregnant at 50: My Youthing Adventure

By Laura FuturamaMy activist Jewish grandmother would have been horrified to learn that I became pregnant at age 50, with the help of modern medicine. My grandmother was one of the early founders of Planned Parenthood in New York state in the 1920s, and had secretly dispensed birth control pills to married women. She would say that at my age, my job was to contribute to society by using my writing experience to support important causes--especially the fight to end overpopulation. “For God’s sake!” she would have told me, “What have you done?”...more
You're our Christopher Columbus of maternity. Brave pioneer! more


This is wonderful. I especially like: "I really need to write on the blog claimed as mine.But ... more

The real reason we hate Barbie

By Etta BruttinoJust to be clear, I once loved Barbie. But that was before I turned 8. I can’t remember exactly what turned me off to Barbie. Maybe I was just sick of trying to squeeze the too-small tops over her too-big plastic boobs.  (Really, Mattel, couldn’t you have spared a few more pennies for cloth?)As I got older, I found more noble reasons to hate her....more
That's almost spooky, Darcie! more