Random Thoughts n' Lotsa Coffee J.V. Manning


Life is Random and often fueled by coffee...

 Well my world is anyway.

Random thoughts, observations and musings. This is how I think and how I view the world. You never know what is going on in my head, it's fun to let it all out. I like to make people think, laugh and sometimes shake their heads. I have a tendency towards the sarcastic, probably way to blunt at times and will always call it like I see it. 

I love to observe people, experience life and then write about it. Often people face many triumphs, difficulties and choices during the course of their lives and it is amazing to find out on some random website that they are not alone.  I know each and everyone of you need different things at each chapter of your lives. Hopefully you will find something here  that speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you think and keeps you coming back. 

You never know what I will come out with, find interesting  here. 

Let's get the Coffee Talk started.