What I've been up to.... since I haven't been here. Again.

I went to BlogHer to become a better blogger and it seems that I've become the worst by not blogging at all. I've made strides to be better, y'all. I've even made a schedule.Yes. Y'all are on my Google Calendar.I've also been horribly, horribly sick with a sinus infection/chest cold of doom. You can forgive me, right? Cleaning sneezes off of my laptop screen wasn't on my desired task list. Sorry for the image, but there you go.So here's the update:...more

And then there was the time that CNN directly referenced a Duchess' lady-bits....

Well kids, it happened. The royal baby was born today and we can all now descend from where we have, collectively, spent the last week perched, trying to see inside the Duchess’ hoo-ha in order to watch the blessed event. I’m sad to see it end.Ok, I can’t keep that up. I, frankly, am glad it’s all over. My sister, however, is devastated. She set alerts on her phone from UsWeekly so that she would know the precise minute that the baby started to crown. Yea, she's one of those....more
@MrsDriver Right?!?! So awkward!more

If your panties don't come up to your armpits, you paid too much.

Do you ever have those days where you just seem hell-bent to make a total ass of yourself? If you answered "no," you clearly don't hang out with me enough. Or eat enough cheese. But that might be a different issue. I'll keep you posted.I was at the outlet mall with my mom and sister, browsing the Jockey outlet. I don't want to let you in on the secrets of my underwear drawer....more

Google Reader is Closing: A Comprehensive How-to for Loving Bloglovin'

Okay, as promised, I'm going to tell you all about Bloglovin.' 1. Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect as well as Google Reader with which you have enjoyed reading blogs up until this point. 2. If you do not transfer the blogs you follow before this transition happens, you will lose them and have to rely on your own powers of memory to recover them, which, if you're me, is not a pony on which you want to bet. 3. If you follow these simple instructions and transfer that followship now, nothing will be lost and you will have gained a newer, simpler, more dynamic way to read and organize your favorite blogs. ...more
@Nested I do - so easy to use and read blogs and see whats new in and mark them as read, when ...more

And That’s When I Realized… Skinny Isn’t Everything and My Body Isn’t the Enemy.

And that's when I realized... is a series of reader submissions. It is an attempt to allow people to tell their realizations, both the comical and poignant. To submit to this series, please email me at firebunny58@gmail.com....more

Addicted to House Porn

What's that, baby? You painted your builder-grade cabinets white and installed a butcher-block countertop to add class and sophistication to what was a boring, unimaginative kitchen? And you built a shelf below the cabinets for easy access to frequently used items? Oh, God. Don't stop. Please don't stop....more
@sifuentezmom92 So true! I'm ALWAYS on Pinterest on my phone!more

A Letter to the Meat-heads at My Gym

 Dear Meat-heads,  Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the girl who was on the treadmill last night. The one who's rear-end inspired you to stand directly behind said treadmill and utter the words "Dat ass" over and over to one another while intermittently making grunting noises....more
I'm really sorry you're so jealous of others.more

"I wanna put my ...face... on your... face..."

How to tell if you have a potty mouth: You attempt to text “lucky duck” to your husband and your phone auto-corrects it first to “f*ck” and then to “dick.”You are me....more
@Tweetsmom Nor for me! I'm so awkward!more

The Lifetime Original Movie: "All She Wanted Was Some F*cking Coffee."

So I was sitting on my couch at 7:00 this morning, eating my cookie dough yogurt and watching The Golden Girls.For the record, it takes me a full episode of those gals to enable me to face my day....more

Twitter for Beginners: From Hashtags to Followers

I’m going to give you the secret of Twitter, my friends. Are you ready for it? Are you sure you can handle it? Ok. The secret to Twittering well is that you have to be convinced that everyone cares about the tiniest minutiae of your life – and I mean be truly convinced. Or, you can tweet like a boss and be convinced of that in a really lazy, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Which is what I do. ...more
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