Maximize the New Facebook Algorithm

Since Facebook went public in May, they have made a number of changes that have downright outraged the Facebook user community. Facebook used to be a free source of advertising, a vital component for most small business and community organizations. While Facebook is still free, they have now changed their algorithm, or how they prioritize posts. Businesses and organizations that once saw a considerable reach, gained likes on a daily basis, and had a lot of action on their wall, are now seeing their numbers drop. To top it off, Facebook is now encouraging owners of Facebook fan pages to pay for promoting their posts....more
This was helpful, especially for someone like myslef who is fairly new to the blog world.  I ... more

How Having a Baby Affected My Marriage

My second child is now four-months-old. Before he was born, all I heard was “having two kids is no joke.” People would constantly tell me how difficult it was to handle two kids and what a change it was from having only one child. They certainly did not lie, but I’m thankful to report that there is one area that I needlessly worried would be affected by baby number two: my marriage....more
Such a great post.  Thank you for your honesty, we recently posted an article about existing ... more

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Entrepreneurial Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs know how to take risks. Do you? Most people generally consider risk to be a four letter – something to be avoided and planned around at all costs.   However, researchers that study entrepreneurial achievement have found that your ability to become the next Steve Jobs is determined in large part by your comfort level with risky decisions. Not all risks are bad.  Some can be very rewarding. The key is learning how to take them with stride. ...more
I have found that sometimes people need to be pushed, because the jump into entrepreneurship is ... more

Limbaugh Blames Feminists for Shrinking Penises

According to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, we feminists are responsible for a 10 percent decrease in the size of the average penis over the past 50 years. Limbaugh made this claim during a show where he referenced a story on CBS Philly that linked to a study in Italy. The study found that the male organ is shrinking because of weight gain, stress, smoking and alcohol, But Limbaugh blamed feminism and “chickification.” Oh, Rush!  ...more
Rush, just as I suspected... all balls no cock. more

Stop Whining! Lisa Williams on Journalists Learning to Code

Amy Gahran, ContentiousWhy should journalists and other news/media professionals learn to code? More importantly: HOW can they learn to code?...more
As a green pea in the blogging world I appreciate you breaking down the ability to learn code ... more

Making the Leap - How Do I Get There?

People often say to me - Wow! You made the leap to being your own boss... how did you even know where to start? The answer is - I didn't! In fact I never had any dreams about being my own boss. I was not one of those kids who sold lemonade. I was not the teenager who did small jobs or tried to create a fledgling business. I did not spend my college years drinking from the entrepreneurial cup. So, how did I end up here? ...more
I have found the toughest part about going it on my own (particularly now that I am an adult ... more

Should A Professor Have Breastfed her Sick Baby in Class?

A professor walks into class with her baby — the baby was sick and couldn’t go to daycare. Because it was the first day of class--an intro to "Sex, Gender, and Culture"--Adrienne Pine didn’t want to cancel. So she brought her baby along. ...more
While I understand your concern over the spread of germs, daycares tend to air on the side of ... more