Why Are You Sorry that I Have Three Boys?

As I walked into the bathroom of one of my boys’ favorite restaurants with Baby B tucked away in his baby sling, I received a quick glance and then heard, “Where did you get your sling? I love it!” We proceeded to talk and I, in conversation, mentioned Baby B’s two older brothers. She looked at me and gasped, “You have 3 boys… I’m so sorry!” ...more
Loved reading this. I have three girls, and in our family it's my hubby that gets those sort of ... more

When Do We Teach Kids to Conform vs. Being an Individual?

Tomorrow is picture day at my kids' elementary school, and this year is a big one: My daughter is in fifth grade. While the children in the other grades usually sport a range of attire (with my kids typically at the most casual end of the spectrum), fifth graders are supposed to step it up significantly. Since the start of school, I've been receiving notices about fifth grade picture day. All of them have contained this language: Fifth grade boys traditionally wear dress slacks, button down shirt, tie, jacket and dress shoes. Fifth grade girls traditionally wear dresses....more
I love this post! You approach and attitude is refreshing - I particularly love how you gave her ... more

Preschool Couture: When She Dresses Herself

One of my favorite times of the day is when my oldest daughter chooses the clothes she is going to wear. It is so fun to see what she picks, and to hear her describe why she has made her choices....more
I love this!! Hilarious and oh so true. I also have three girls with, uh, unique fashion taste ... more