Hurricane Sandy – I Lost Power But Maybe Found a Stronger Connection

It has been a few days since hurricane Sandy reached the Northeast and caused havoc for millions. I remained in my apartment in New York City for three days with my two daughters without electricity or water. The days had their challenges but I noticed how my daughters and I all stayed together the entire time. We ate, slept, talked and played together. We laughed about the non-working toilet that was starting to smell and the hard biscuits I made in the dark....more
Allison what a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. It has warmed my heart. We had similar happen ... more

After Sandy: Life on the South Shore of Long Island

My daughter, Carsen, is in Manhattan, and I am on the south shore of Long Island. We blogged about Superstorm Sandy from before it started through the day after. But the story continues below and on Carsen's Blog.Wednesday, October 31, 2012: Day 2 Post-Sandy“You have to stay in it to win it.”...more
Hi Jenn, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. Surely work will be sympathetic? In Australia ... more

Be Aware of Facebook Gift Card Scams

I see it far too often in my Facebook stream. Friend after friend of mine falling for it, over and over and over again. People that should KNOW better! Although, at this point I would think that all of my friends should know better, but yet, I see it happening again!  So let me just reiterate.......more
Thanks for this! There was one link in a comment to just a name, which I knew, so I clicked on ... more

How to be an Irresistible Blogger

And let's face it, sometimes life gets so busy we just do a "mark all as read" move and start from scratch. Except that I never really do that. I mean, I do it to MOST of my reader, but there are some blogs, that no matter HOW late to the party I am, I will read every.single. word. What is it about those blogs that keeps me from just skipping some posts in an effort to catch up? Why am I so drawn to those particular spaces? ...more
Well said and thanks! more