Helping Girls Rise

 As a little girl, I loved books. I read everything, everywhere. My love for reading led to my love for learning, which led to my love for achievement, community service, and the quest for social advocacy. From a very young age, I was taught that being smart was more important than being pretty, and that school should be my top priority. As a result, I deeply valued my education and craved knowledge. But I am one of the lucky ones. ...more

The Glamourbaby Diaries Film: Self-Esteem For Asian American Women

The Glamourbaby Diaries is a film based on a writing program I created for Asian American women and women of color. It was shot and edited by Alexis Casson. By: Ruby VeridianoAbout two years ago, I came across an article on Essence Magazine written by Michelle Obama. It was a personal letter addressed to young African American women, a letter filled with compassion and guidance for the next female generation. Her words offered a road map for the journey ahead with knowledge that the world will look different for a woman of color....more
thanks for sharing this great resource for young girls who need role models on their own during ...more

My Adoration for the Obamas is Bigger than Politics

 By: Ruby Veridiano Call me naively optimistic, but my adoration for the Obamas is less about the Obamas themselves as much as it is about my persistent belief in hope, and what can be accomplished when a nation is inspired to behave like a community....more