I love you but don't tell!!!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about how the Petraeus affair !  It seems silly to me that two grown people act so childish and immature in regards to their personal lives.  I would have to agree that Petraeus is a low life.  He had an affair, his wife is no doubt humiliated and hurt but we still take it one step further by the bickering and name calling between two women that were supposedly involved with him.  I have to wonder why grown women, educated women would use email as a means of threatening another woman to keep away from her man.  This seems like grade...more

When pretty isn't pretty enough!

A recent class discussion about beauty and misrepresentation of beauty among movie stars has really started my blood to boiling!  All the beautiful people, the beautiful movie stars that I would kill to look like are actually photoshopped after doing the photos???  What’s up with this crap?  I looked at photos of beautiful women and men, yet they were not beautiful enough for the movie industry or the magazines?  What type of society have we become that we have to present a fake, Goddess image in order to be presentable to the world?  It sickens me that a size 12 is...more

I can't keep up!

I can’t keep up with my own life!!  I am so tired; I work full time, I am a mother to a two year old daughter, and I go to school full time.  I am just so sick and tired of always needing to do something or falling behind on something that I don’t know what to do.  Many of my co-workers go out every weekend, together.  They go to eat, drink, and hang out with each other.  They have families and children but they have their own lives to live.  I don’t understand why I can’t be the same way…..I feel so guilty if I even entertain the idea of leaving my daughter to...more


So, the race is over and the Presidential office has been occupied again by President Obama.  I have sat in silence as facebook friends have complained, threatened, and been rude over their choice for president.  I voted Obama but never once talked bad to anyone that was for Romney.  It's our right and choice who we vote for.  I would love to see people give it a rest now and let our president try and get our country back to what it should be....more

Child Care Problems

So, I am faced with the possibility of finding another job.  My current place of employment keeps jerking everyone around, taking away vacation, laying people off, making the ones that are left take call, the usual bull crap when they want to lessen the load of employees.  I really dread this because I know that my three 12 hour shifts will be a thing of the past.  I might even have to work second or third shift.  I was able to do this before my daughter was born but now I really just want to stay home with her!  I know that’s not very modern or career minded but I ...more
Just read your post after being gone from Blogher for a long time!  I was an in-home, licensed ...more

Presidential Debates

I have watched both Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debates and although I have already decided whom I shall vote for I am always amazed at how these things play out.  We have two grown men, fighting about who is the richest….it’s a bad thing in this case.  I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all.  Two very wealthy men trying to convince the nation that one is wealthier than the other and that the wealthiest is a bad person…..seriously????  In my small world of poverty, if someone makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year they are filthy rot...more

Doctors suck!

Here I sit at work, waiting to see if I get called off work….leave early!  My fingers are crossed.  I have been through the wringer as my Nanny use to say when she had a hard day.  Marriage troubles, but wipes at work, not all, but most Dr.’s seem to think that nurses are their personal slaves, hitting posts, complaint departments, wives, etc.  I hate how our hospital protects the mostly male population (Dr’s).  Why can they scream at me, degrade me, and I can’t even say anything back to them without losing my job?  How pathetic is that???  They can call u...more

Rainy days

So, here I sit trying to think up something to blog about for my class assignment.  I don’t really feel like doing anything other than burying my head under the covers and going back to bed.  However, my two year old daughter Bella insists that we play tea party.  Here I sit with my tea cup in hand in a Dora the Explorer chair that is much too small for me.  She asks me for the hundredth time since last Sunday, “where is DaDa?”  I answer for the hundredth time, “he is staying with his mommy.”  It appears that I have followed in my mother’s footsteps and will be...more

Super Woman......Not!!!

Greetings and welcome to my blog space, should that be one word or two….blogspace?  This is my first official blog.  I can’t make any promises that it will be interesting, funny, or uplifting.  I can promise that I will be truthful in my blogs.  You will read the good, the bad and the ugly in my posts.  I will be bombarding my blog space with my opinions, feelings, and experiences related to being a married RN with a two year old daughter.  I might even offer some advice to the married, working mother, as to how to juggle the demands of working, parenting, and ...more
Remember "Write when angry!"more