Want to Write a Novel? The First Rule of Write Club Is: Read

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I absolutely adore books. By extension, I’m big reader. Always have been. I read for pleasure, yes, but I also read because it's vital to my career and identity as a writer. It's like the first rule of Write Club: Read. Read everything. Reading and writing are inextricably linked. They go together like PB&J. (Or peanut butter and bananas, if that's your jam.) Reading is where good writing is born and learns to thrive.   ...more
I totally agree with you post.  Very informative by the way and totally accurate.  I love ... more

5 Book Challenges to Kick Off 2016

Reading challenges are a great way to find new books, reach goals, and remind yourself to... well... read. It's too easy to surf blogs and play games on your phone in the evening rather than picking up a good book. Joining a reading challege will not only remind you how enjoyable it is to curl up with a good book while it's cold outside, it will give you plenty of blog fodder. As you read, keep a notebook of post ideas that the book triggers or write a review of the book when you're done. You can always set your own personal challege, but it's fun to read with a group. So peruse the list below and jump into a reading challege to kick off 2016. ...more
I've started the GoodReads Reading Challenge.  I'm currently 1 book ahead... this is the first ... more

The Real Dangers of Co-Sleeping

Thank you for bearing with me for the past two weeks while we reset our life by three zip codes. I’m feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and we are now completely unpacked in the downstairs bathroom. And here I thought we’d be unpacking for months -- we’ll be living out of boxes for the next two years!...more
I must admit that now that my husband's work shift changes every 2 weeks, I let either one or ... more

How Do You Get Them to Keep Their Rooms Clean?

My room was messy when I was a child; even messier when I was a teen. I didn't see the point of cleaning, of making a bed I was just going to get in later. Now I have kids and I'm the one harping on my kids to clean their rooms. Jess at Keeping Mommy Sane wrote a post that let me know I'm not alone. How do you get kids to clean, oh wise readers? ...more
wow.... to be honest... my children are 3.5 yrs and 6 yrs old. and their daddy came up with the ... more

Bullies Start Young -- and Break My Heart

Reading Jillian Lauren's recent post about their first experience with a bully made my blood boil. We had similar experiences on younger-aged sports teams: kids hitting, spitting, kicking and generally teasing my boys. I hate that it starts so young, that our children have to learn to walk away, to deal with it, to not retaliate. It hurts my heart for my children, and as Jillian points out, for the bully, too. ...more
It makes me so sad and angry! My son who just turned 6 yrs old last week went through a rough ... more

Playground Rejection Is Not Just For Kids

One of the best things about being three-years-old is that everyone is your friend. My kid runs up to another kid on the playground and says, "Hey, wanna slide?" and they're off to have adventures, even if they never see each other again after that day. Kids that age like pretty much all the same things and believe in the Truth of Childhood: Climb it if it can be climbed, always run as fast as you can, and anything can be a pirate ship. They don't know enough about the world yet to judge or condemn or turn their noses up at kids who want to join in, so everyone gets to play. It's beautiful and pure and I wish I was three-years-old again on a daily basis....more
I have a 3 yr old girl and an almost 6 yr old boy.  Right now my 6 yr old is going through a ... more

Have I Become Racist Against White People?

I recently got into a little disagreement on Facebook, through a comment thread on an acquaintance’s page. I left a comment saying that people who fly confederate flags are generally not the kind of people who a black man (or woman) might want to be caught in a dark alley with. My point was not so much that flying a confederate flag makes you a racist, but in my experience, they usually are.Then I got called a racist. By a white guy from Mississippi. Which, as another commenter on the thread pointed out, was kind of humorous, seeing as I am also white....more
As a parent of two biracial children I can relate and I hear every word you say.  I often wonder ... more

Brown and Pink - It's Not Just Black and White Anymore

I remember the conversation as though it were only yesterday instead of nearly 3 years ago. I had just picked up my insanely cute 2 year old from daycare, I was contemplating dinner, it was kind of drizzly and gross out. ...more
I remember when my then 4 year old first said to me, "mami you are white, daddy black but Im ... more

I Don't Need Your Advice About My Toddler's Sleep Issues

Can I tell you a secret? Other moms piss me off. So I’ve decided to turn my FaceBook freak-outs frustration into a handy, informative blog post. For all y’all who have some advice to give. Yes, this is a community. Yes, your feedback is welcome. Yes, I am a huge proponent of everyone learning from each other. With one small caveat. Before you speak, please say the following words to yourself: I AM NOT A PARENTING GENIUS. (Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.)...more
WOW... i dont know where to begin.  I agree with you and understand because my very own husband ... more