How to Photograph a Conference

In an interesting turn of events, my professional photography career has led me beyond the field of pretty pictures of food and down the path of events and conferences. I'm not complaining. It may be hard work, but it represents, to me, a chance to apply my photography skills to another field and to capture the dynamism of life in a conference setting. On the surface, conference photography has a rather mundane and unglamorous quality about it. And, to a large extent, it is....more
awesome post thank you so much for sharing ill definatly remeber this tips when getting my phtos ... more

So You Think You can Dance: Top 6 Perform, Top 4 Revealed

Welcome back to #SYTYCD, and it's all on you now, people! Meaning no more judges saves. It's all America voting now.Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by Christina Applegate as guest judge (and yes, she has some real cred as a dancer, having toured as Charity in the Bob Fosse-choreographed Sweet Charity).Last night each dancer danced once with an All-Star, once with a fellow semi-finalist, and once solo. We got to see a lot of them, in other words.So, let's get started:...more
I so wanted whitney to be in the final with because I think Eliana and her were the strongest ... more

Humiliation at the Local Pharmacy

Ever get your hand caught in the razor case at your local CVS pharmacy?No?Never?Well. You're just not livin'.In order to keep my journalistic integrity intact, I need to disclose that it was more than just my hand that got stuck in the razor display case at CVS. It was my hand and halfway up my arm that was stuck in the razor case.Naturally, it wasn't my fault. It is the fault of those razor locker thingies at CVS. They are totally defective and completely useless. I pushed the button and the machine did not dispense my razor blades.Phooey....more
thanks for giving me a laugh today i needed it, great story more

Pseudonyms: How Separate is Your Online and Offline Identity?

So many of us start under a pseudonym. The Internet is built for anonymity, and it's easy to start a blog under a made-up name and write out your thoughts freely knowing that your friends, family, and neighbours won't be able to Google your name and find your innermost thoughts. And then you start connecting with other bloggers. And shortly after that, all hell breaks loose. ...more
rght now im starting up my blogs again and i just write for the joy of writing not for an ... more

Post-BlogHer Let Down: In the Season of My Family

Coming home from BlogHer I had a To Do List of things to fix up on my blog, ideas to implement, people to contact, topics to write about and a thousand other grandiose ideas and plans. I was going to actually do these things this year darn it! I told myself. Alas, that didn’t happen. Life, as usual, got in the way. Post-conference let down started....more
thanks for sharing that, i am planing on going to blog her next year and i know thats after ... more

Hey, Jealousy: Every Blogger Was a Newbie Once

Today's topic: Jealousy in the blogosphere. Or envy, feeling left out, whatever emotion you want to add to it....more
thanks for that great post it made total sense, ive doen comments too and havent gotten replies ... more