I'm Jealous of My Husband

This morning my daughter exploded. Okay, so maybe she didn't explode, but her intestines obviously did. There was poop everywhere -- mashed into her blankets, smeared all over her crib bars, caked onto her hands, feet, and face. The weird thing is, she hadn't even been crying or fussing. I heard her wake up, and I allowed her to babble contentedly to herself for a few minutes while I brushed my teeth and threw some clothes together, then I walked to her room, opened her door, and immediately I knew something had gone terribly wrong....more
I am a stay-at-home-wife without children trying to build a new identity for myself outside the ... more

How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

I'm going to go ahead and say something heretical. Something very antiquated and anti-feminist. Something that might make Betty Friedan turn angrily in her grave. You ready? Here I go: Staying at home with my kids has been good for my marriage....more
I am a Stay-At-Home-Wife, and we don't have any children (yet), and I share housework duties ... more

Humiliation at the Local Pharmacy

Ever get your hand caught in the razor case at your local CVS pharmacy?No?Never?Well. You're just not livin'.In order to keep my journalistic integrity intact, I need to disclose that it was more than just my hand that got stuck in the razor display case at CVS. It was my hand and halfway up my arm that was stuck in the razor case.Naturally, it wasn't my fault. It is the fault of those razor locker thingies at CVS. They are totally defective and completely useless. I pushed the button and the machine did not dispense my razor blades.Phooey....more
Thank goodness they don't lock up the razors here in Canada. Presumably we are less ... more