The Day You Hit Rock Bottom

If you've never had a day like the one I'm about to describe you're EXTREMELY fortunate.Your bank account is overdrawn and your gas tank or subway card is empty.The shelves in your kitchen are down to a package of oyster crackers and a package of ketchup.The TV tray serving as your side table is covered in mail with "Disconnect" stamped across the middle....more

Before the Sun Rises

I'm writing this at 6:25 on a Friday morning. Did I just wake? No. Honestly, I fell asleep on the office floor last night while trying to get our toddler to settle down and woke up at about 4am to an empty room with the lights out. My body is quite used to 5-6 hours of sleep and decided it was time to work. ...more

"You Can't" Means "I WILL"

I distinctly remember, as a little girl, my mom pulling a tray of blueberry muffins out of the oven and telling me not to touch them. I don't remember ever having defied her before this point, but right then I must have thought, '"You can't" means "I WILL."' I touched the pan. Did I burn my finger? Yes. Did I learn my lesson? Hell no! To this day I ignore EVERY person who tells me I can't -- except for maybe the IRS and some authority figures. (Yes, I make occassional U-turns and sometimes forget to fasten my safety belt.) ...more