How I Learned to Love My Menstrual Cup

As some of you may recall, I'm doing some work with Mother Nature Partnership, a fabulous organization providing women in rural Cameroon with reproductive health education and hygienic, reusable menstrual cups to replace the dangerous, unhygienic, and just all-around uncomfortable and inconvenient methods of managing their periods. Obviously I think this project is brilliant and am a big fan of menstrual cups because there are fewer chemicals in the body and fewer tampons in the landfill. At least, I was a big fan of them in theory. Despite talking them up all over the Internet and to anyone who didn't look ready to keel over from squeamishness in person for the past couple of months, I had yet to actually use one myself. ...more
I have actually been thinking about buying one. This had made me more interested in it. Thank ... more

iNeed a Playdate's Ultimate House Cleaning Playlist

Happy Housewife Day!No, I am not a housewife....more
I have about 85 songs on my cleaning list. I clean for a living so I need a hug play list. Good ... more

Why Moms Should Vote on November 4

Will you show up at the polls on November 4 for the mid-term elections? If you are a woman, you are more likely to vote than a man. But if you are a mother, you are probably doing most of the child care and most of the housework, whether you hold down a paying job outside the home or not.  The length of your to-do list could make it harder for you to get into that voting booth....more
I am an absentee ballot voter. I always vote that way. more

5 Ways I Made My Daughters Cry in One Day

For as long as I have had children, people have commented about the hormones that were one day going to invade my home. I have always laughed it off, because it seemed so very far off in the distance. And although I listened to other parents talk about how at age nine their daughters started to change—a little bit more attitude, a little bit more tears, a little more moody—I didn’t take it very seriously. Because like most parents do, I chose denial as my force field, telling myself that my kids were different. I was different. Our journey would be different. ...more
My 10 year old daughter and I just went bra shopping....which might I add cost me a new pair of ... more

10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Be My Friend

Life ruins friendships. There is no flowery way to put that. Sometimes getting a fancy new job means losing some friends. Sometimes moving away will be an effective way to kill off your entourage. For my social life, the slow inevitable death of my friendships came after I had children. So, before a potential friend comes-a-callin’, I offer these 10 deal breakers to consider....more
I think we could totally be friends. If I made a list it would mirror yours exactly. more

I Was Crazy About My Ex-Husband

I should've known I was in for an interesting time when Mark first asked me out by saying, “You don't want to go to a movie or anything, do you?” I should've known when, in the first two minutes of watching the classic mystery film “Laura,” he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “She's not really dead,” that he would show me levels of romance and irritation hitherto undreamed of. ...more
Wow Wow Wow!!! let me tell you that this hit home more than anything I have read so far on here. ... more

I Had No Idea You Were All Such Haters

Yesterday, I discovered the latest Buzzfeed quiz to distract America: How Much Do You Hate People?...more
I took this quiz also!!! I will admit I am a complete people hater and the quiz got it right!!! ... more

The Adults Should Know Better: How Teachers Enable Bullying in Our Schools

**I've edited a few words below, realizing that a sentence or two gave the mistaken impression that I was shaming all teachers or that I believe that our schools bear singular responsibility for the bullying that is so rampant in our schools. Please know I write this as a former public school teacher, parent, and currently-emplyed private tutor and student advocate. I think educators are undervalued and overworked. But I also think we need to be real about where our schools can improve. ...more
I had the same reaction to the decision of the school!!! If I was a child the message I would ... more

Yes, Elsa is Sexy in 'Frozen,' and Disney Got It Right

(This post is written in response to a piece which appeared on SlateandHuff Post Parents.) ...more
I had a strong reaction to the whole scene myself...but I knew why!!! I know what Elisa feels at ... more


DOORMATS.....Those are people who let other people walk all over them...Doormats are meant to wipe our feet on....Doormats are not meant to be people.....Unfortuantely too many people either walk all over other people or they get walked all over on.....This is most often the result of how a person has taught other people how they want to be treated........more
I am often told I am too nice for my own good. And I hate to admit it but I am. It's a ... more