Flexibility isn't just needed for Pilates...

As the owner of a staffing firm and a specialist in the employment  market you can imagine when someone finds out what I do for a living  they are curious about the market conditions.  Over the past two years I have had countless people comment on the numerous amount of people whom are without jobs and the uncertainty in the job market, and of course I agree with them to a certain extend.  There are many different things  to consider when you are discussing the unemployed: where they live and  how willing they are to travel, indus...more

Fast and Furious Interview Tips!

As the economy continues to improve more companies will enter back into the hiring arena. When the market really gets humming companies will start to hire at a fast and furious level. I’d like to offer some thoughts and guidelines on preparing your organization (or perhaps yourself) for the interview and hiring process. At McIntyre we say “Everything starts with the interview.” In a company I believe the hiring process starts with knowing exactly what you want. Here are some points to consider:...more

First Impressions Make Lasting Ones

I am always left a little taken aback when I read articles about Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts. This morning a candidate came to our office for an interview with pants dragging on the ground and soaking wet hair. She was a lovely woman but her presentation put her at the end of the line for potential job interviews. After spending over twenty-five years in the staffing industry, I am amazed that people still don’t pay attention to the details that they can control and improve upon. My philosophy is to always control what you can!...more

The War For Talent

Setting Expectations

I have owned and operated a staffing and recruitment firm for 25 years. We work diligently to please all of the people that come seeking job opportunities. However, we know that we can’t get everyone a job. But – can we make everyone happy? Do they leave feeling optimistic and prepared enough for the hard road they are about to encounter in these economic times? What are the expectations that someone should expect when going to a staffing firm?...more

Outshine and Outwit Your Colleagues to Get Ahead!

Business has changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years, but a first impression never will. The chance to make one is still extremely important and can advance your visibility and perhaps lead to a promotion! Technology has advanced immeasurably and has brought us to levels few thought were possible. But not everything has changed. There are still eager new employees and graduates looking to make their mark and be seen. But as a new employee in an organization, how do you impress the boss and get noticed?...more

The Sound of Silence

Let this letter from a frustrated job seeker make us all realize the  discourtesy and frustration that occurs when they are offered the sound  of silence.  This article was written by a job seeker and posted on  Recruiting Blog....more

Help Us - Help You: How to Work with a Recruiter

Recently, there have been several articles on the recruiting industry asking: "What makes a good recruiter?", "What differentiates one recruiting firm from another?", "Do Recruiters all say the same things?" and, my favorite article posted two weeks ago, "A Recruiter’s Jerry Maguire Moment". ...more
I need help finding one!more

Don't Call it Temporary

Even after all these years there is still a stigma about temporary workers.  Quite honestly, the very notion of calling someone "temporary" seems to have a negative connotation to it and we are working hard to remove that word from our industry today.  Contingency workforce, interim employee, or Consultant are the proud and proper terms for this new decade of talent.  People still shun the thought of consulting when they come to our office....more

Scaling the Castle Walls

Human Resource personnel provide a great value to their companies and to staffing firms.  I believe that they help restore order and maintain balance to the very difficult process of hiring.  In today’s marketplace, there are countless pitfalls and processes that must be micromanaged as the hiring process is fraught with issues that arise.  I remind my staff quite often that we are in the "people" business, selling a process that must be managed securely from beginning to end.  Our Vice President of Human Resources and Administration is invaluable to our firm as she hand...more