She Who Had No Idea

She probably didn't mean to come across as ignorant and ironic.  There was no question, though, that she had an intent. The woman was a fellow federal worker, and we were sitting across from each other for a meeting earlier this week. As the small group of us sat around waiting for the others, we made introductions and small talk. ...more
From my family to you and yours, our hats are off to you, not only for serving our country but ... more

A Muslim American Reflects on the Benghazi Attack

Tuesday's attack on a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya has shocked many Americans. And that often puts Muslim Americans in the difficult position of fielding questions from friends about why? As Amanda Mouttaki, a blogger at Multicultural Familia writes, she doesn't have any answers....more
Well said Alexash. And God bless these young ladies for taking a stand. more