Jessa Flux™

Hello wonderful anonymous people of the internet world! I am Jessa Flux™ or... read more

Jessa Flux™


Hello wonderful anonymous people of the internet world! I am Jessa Flux™ or UndressJess as you might have it. You might wonder how a sweet and virginal young lady like me acquired a name like that. Well the answer to that is quite simple and might as well come out of the box now since if you don’t recognize me already chances are you will find out in the future that I am the indie pornographer/web whore "UndressJess" (google me to find my site). The reason I word it like this is quite simple really;

a. “indie pornographer” because I have been running my OWN nude website on my own for approaching two years now, and have enjoyed every minute of showing off and even better, getting off for millions of people every single second since I started this project/website. You might say that I am quite the attention seeker, and of course I am very sexually open minded.

b. “web whore” because well this project/website IS internet based and to be successful I have learned to “whore” the hell out of my self to make friends, meet new customers, and make amazing contacts in the adult business throughout my journey into the nude. That, and well “whore” is a fun word to throw around considering it’s connotations.

With that all said and out of the way, let’s talk about a few things that I am definitely NOT;

a. I am not a call girl and although I have nothing against the men and women that perform that service, I have no plans to become one and please don’t contact me for any “job” of that sort. However if you are looking for someone to fulfill that need for you, I DO know a few ladies of that profession and would be happy to forward you to them.

b. I am not as slutty as I may seem. Ok, while we all can recognize that while I am GREAT in bed, it is not the easiest venture to try to get me there. I’m not claiming to be a prude or anything but I don’t just go out and meet people or make contacts to have one night stands or make videos for my site. While I do have a few couple videos on my site, those were taken with an ex-boyfriend who I was very in love with at the time they were recorded, and there are only a few. Most of my site consists of only me doing things that make my whistle blow. So please do not inquire any further if you just want to be on my site or get a quick lay.

I wanted to make this clear to you folks outright because when people discover this info on their own they can be very taken back by it. I believe this is because there are a lot of assumptions made about men and especially women in this industry. Although I have a hell of a good time doing this, it IS still a job and comes with all the downsides of a regular job at that. I am endlessly finding new ways to promote myself without seeming like a spam robot and constantly accused of being this or that by women who really just aren’t as “ballsy” as I, so they want to tear into me. So if you don’t like what I do, either live and let live or leave now.

Making online smut is not all that I am. I am a real girl with real feelings and I don’t appreciate random attacks of close-mindedness, so please keep that to yourself or I will most likely just laugh at you and feel pity for how ignorant you are about a topic you wouldn’t know how to have an intelligent conversation about if you tried.

Other than being a general internet junky I am a dancer (yes boys, a traditionally trained ballet dancer), writer, reader, performance artist, fashionista and a general free thinker of many sorts of the expression.

Some other things I am interested in are : drinking, youth culture, magic, women’s studies, philosophy, psychology, porn positive feminism, flappers, burlesque, zombies, playing the Sims and learning Yiddish