Dr. Kim Branham

Hi, my name is Kim.  I am always striving to enhance my life by learning to... read more

Dr. Kim Branham


Hi, my name is Kim.  I am always striving to enhance my life by learning to have an energetic, abundant and vibrant lifestyle.  This is the one life that God has given me and I want to enjoy every single day with no limitations of myself.

Through my chiropractic education and practice I have learned so many things that I want to share with others.  I want to share ideas to help people improve their lives and encourage them to accomplish their goals and reach their dreams.

I love cooking and experimenting with new healthier recipes.  I enjoy going to the library and finding a new book to read, it’s better than shopping for me.  I appreciate when I have the time to oil paint with my mother.  It seems that the older I get the more I want go back to the older ways of homemaking by making my own bread, sauces and even candles and cleaning supplies.  I challenge myself to live more frugal than I used to, but I really enjoy it.  I seem to enjoy simpler things in life and find myself content and happy in my life.

My biggest treasure in life is my family.  I am married with four children, ranging in ages from 9 to 32 and I live in the beautiful state of Tennessee.  I am richly blessed with an extended family that loves me and supports my endeavors in life.

I hope that we can give inspiration to each other as we go on our journey through life.