Think Before You Post

  Once again I realize I am one of many handing out the same advice, but my hope is that by hearing or seeing it ONE more time someone may think before they post that tidbit of personal information that should not be public, or the hurtful comment they intend to make as a knee-jerk reaction. ...more

Touch with Permission Only

  Here is a personal rant I must get out before I explode.   I consider myself to be a loving and affectionate person and would typically invite the touch of another person as long as it is appropriate. ...more

Families of Withdrawn Women Should be Aware

  During the holiday season it is common place for families to gather together regardless of time or distance.  Being a female that has been in an abusive relationship in the past I am aware of the changes that happen within the family as a result of this unhealthy relationship.    One thing families can do to help is to be aware.  If you suspect your family member may be in an abusive relationship now is the time you may be able to know for sure.  If your family member has consistently withdrawn from the family since the start of this relationship watc...more

Free from Stereotypes

  I am from Kentucky, and during the Thanksgiving holiday I have heard severeal of my friends and family refer to themselves as rednecks or hillbillies.  I have heard many people rage about the stereotypes that surround people from central and eastern Kentucky. Now we have found ourselves embracing these....more

Warping Our Reality

  In the class I have been taking we have been examining what people go through to make sure that their appearance is acceptable to society around them.  More women than not in the US are wearing full make-up everyday and considering dangerous procedures to preserve their beauty.  Even our popular culture's beautiful people are being photoshopped.  We are supposed to look up to these people for being beautiful, but unfortunately their beauty isn't even skin deep; it's inattainable. ...more

Career Mismatch: There is Hope

  The saga of staff selection continues, and oh what a ride this has been.  The unfortunate reality I have seen is that due to the job crisis people are applying for any and all jobs available, regardless of actual interest. Gone are the days of choosing a career path because of interest and ambition. Now people are just trying to survive. ...more

Embrace the Change: Memory Care in Long Term Care

  In searching for the 'perfect' staff for my Alzheimer's neighborhood I have found the applicant pool to be very eclectic.  There are some that appear super promising on paper but in reality they are not trainable, or they look horrible with no experience but are open to change and education. ...more
@brendagr: compassion truly is the key to understanding what we are doing. Without that key ...more

Claiming a Cause: Will you help?

  This semester I have been enrolled in a class that revolves around feminism and the world of blogging.  Through this class I have been enlightened into just how slow the world as a whole has been to embrace women's rights.   This evening during a group chat my professor gave me the advice to write about what makes me angry.  Truth is I spend a lot of my time diffusing the anger of others, and rarely feel it myself.   With that being said there has been a website that really makes me angry and inspired all at the same time....more
I agree, we all have a responsibility to promote awareness of others needs, especially the needs ...more

Change is Good, Bring Your Best

  Recently I started a new job; it involves opening a large healthcare campus.  Interesting, new, challenging.  I've found myself working on a management team of about 14 people who are each the best at what they do.  I have been so blessed to have this opportunity to build a successful team from the ground up with such great people. ...more

Unemployed While Female

Currently I am in the process of changing jobs, and this has given me a great opportunity to observe what goes on in the lives of my other female friends who may be unemployed or chose to stay at home. ...more
Hi, I am with you on this blog.  I currently work, have a two year old daughter and sometimes a ...more