Several times a day I find myself thanking God for giving me the strength to get out of my last relationship. I often have little reminders of how good I have it now. The thing about staying in an emotionally/physically abusive relationship is, it has this suffocating control over you. You don't realize what it's doing to you. Slowly, but surely, the invisible cloud hovering over the relationship sucks the life out of you. Everything about you changes, and for the bad. Your family notices, your friends notice, God notices, but the funny thing is, you don't notice....more
You are a very strong woman to finally leave this abusive relationship.  Just like you stated, ... more

Embrace the Change: Memory Care in Long Term Care

  In searching for the 'perfect' staff for my Alzheimer's neighborhood I have found the applicant pool to be very eclectic.  There are some that appear super promising on paper but in reality they are not trainable, or they look horrible with no experience but are open to change and education. ...more
I agree that long term care should change the rules and try and follow the path that Alzheimer's ... more

Women and Faith

I am certain I am not the first woman to write about this topic, but it's one that is passionately real to me. Women's freedoms have come a long way in the last 100 years, but strangely enough in some churches, a lot of which claim to be accepting of everyone women are just as restricted as they have ever been.  This is a very broad statement, considereing some faiths allow women to be very involved....more
You are absolutely correct in stating that if you know how to do the "normal" gender behaviors, ... more

Super Woman......Not!!!

Greetings and welcome to my blog space, should that be one word or two….blogspace?  This is my first official blog.  I can’t make any promises that it will be interesting, funny, or uplifting.  I can promise that I will be truthful in my blogs.  You will read the good, the bad and the ugly in my posts.  I will be bombarding my blog space with my opinions, feelings, and experiences related to being a married RN with a two year old daughter.  I might even offer some advice to the married, working mother, as to how to juggle the demands of working, parenting, and ...more
 @ashbud26  @Bgroes My daughter calls me every day on her way home from work.  She is able to ... more

Being abused?

This is my first blog ever, so please bare with me! :) I have chosen to write about abuse in relationships. This abuse can either be physical or emotional. Often times women do not realize that what they are going through is actually abuse. We learn to endure it and make excuses for particular actions someone else has done....more
Hi Marci, I finally figured out how to get to your blog!  It was great chatting with you and the ... more