What Women Should Know About Our Old Boss, Mitt Romney.

Frankly, we were completely, totally, absolutely fed up.  That’s what we told a reporter from the Milwaukee Sentinel today who asked us why a group of female executives are traveling the country telling women about our former boss Mitt Romney.  We were frustrated that so many women were getting a picture of Mitt from the media and negative ads that just doesn't match up with the man we all know and worked with in Salt Lake and Massachusetts.  We’re smart women; we know it’s a big country; and we know we’re only a few voices....more
So glad to read this. Thanks for speaking out! more

Bullying Prevention Month: News Anchor Responds To Fat Shaming Email On Air

Jennifer Livingston -- an anchor/reporter at News 8000 in La Crosse, Iowa -- gets emails from viewers every day. But this email? This day? Enough is enough....more
I love that she had the courage to stand up. Great example for young girls! more

Rustic Penne and Shrimp Pasta

After spending the last year and a half in New England on our little 'life vacation,' and a couple of weeks bouncing between our parents' homes, then living out of boxes in our new house (before photo tour!) for the last couple of weeks, I finally feel a little settled. A little. Furthermore, Emma is at her Mother's Day Out program today (she goes twice a week) and all I have on my list today is to make dinner for Mike and me tonight....more
This looks great! I am going to have to try this soon.  more

Growing Your Craft Blog With Link Parties

Some of the very first advice I received when starting up my craft blog was to link up to link parties to help my blog grow. I remember thinking to myself- "what in the heck is a link party?...more
I love link parties!! I would love to see a blog on how to create one for my own site. Do you ... more

Audiences Wander When You're Too Busy to Blog

Stumbling Gracefully discovered one of the unfortunate things about blogging. Your readership is only present when you're continuously blogging, and if you step away for a bit, they tend to wander too. ...more
YES! I started graduate school a few months ago and slacked on my blogging. I found it hard to ... more